DigitalOcean added the ability to use CoreOS

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    Just the day before yesterday, DigitalOcean announced the possibility of using a pre-installed CoreOS image .

    According to DigitalOcean, their integration with the alpha version of CoreOS will provide mobile and web developers interested in using Docker an easy and fast way to release applications and experiment with containers. In CoreOS, docker containers can start in milliseconds, providing unprecedented flexibility in managing the load on a cluster of droplets. Additional benefits include automatic updates, automatic network setup, and integration with etcd .
    At the same time, DigitaOcean released a number of articles on launching and configuring CoreOS :

    For those unfamiliar with CoreOS, I will say that CoreOS is a Linux distribution that is specifically designed to provide a Docker- based container infrastructure with the ability to combine multiple machines into a cluster and migrate between nodes. To ensure the operation of the cluster, etcd and fleetctl are used .

    For those who are interested in CoreOS, here are some links:

    I already tried to deploy the image and ran into some problems.
    Then, at the initiative of the support service, a ticket was formed.

    Due to the nature of CoreOS, it does not work with root passwords. Therefore, the password reset function does not work. Our Engineering team will soon be disabling the possibility, but in the meantime we have manually canceled the event.

    If you're having an issue connecting to your Droplet with an SSH key, please ensure that you are trying to connect to the core user, which replaces the typical root user in most distributions.

    If you're having any other issues, we'd highly recommend reviewing our three part guide on CoreOS, available here:

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    DigitalOcean Support

    It turns out that you do not need to use root access for CoreOS and they will soon disable the ability to reset the root password for CoreOS based droplets. It is necessary to use key access, and specify “core” as the user.

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