What to read at your leisure. Game Industry News Digest for August

    The children were sent to school, the song “The Third of September” is sung, hot tea is prepared: we meet autumn and remember what happened in the gaming industry in August.


    Kelly Murdoch reviewed Autodesk Maya 2015. She writes that this version will amaze everyone on the spot with convenience and a wide range of features.
    Radek Kontsevich continues a series of articles about the game Feeding Time. This time the material is devoted to branding.
    A detailed article on pixel art at tutsplus.com. Pretty informative publication.
    How Valve Designed for Half-Life
    The dynamic lighting of a 2D character is described in an article by Oliver Franzke.
    Make a 2D jumptogether with the author of the article on atomjack.net.
    We optimize the design of the game for advertising monetization.


    Several articles on templates have appeared on gamedev.net. Matt Buses told how Alias ​​Templates saved him from madness . And Paul Cook released material about using Varadic Templates to implement signals and slots in C ++.
    Martin Prantl simplified the work with sound and talked about this in the article “OpenAL sound manager for your project” .
    The author of the game, Jack Benoit, spoke about the procedural generation of levelles in a 2D platform game .
    Create hockey AI games using Steering Behaviors.
    Pablo Farias Navarrocollected in one piece recommendations on creating a game in the style of "top down" in HTML5.

    Mobile direction

    [A] listdaily talked with COO Zynga Clive Downey about reducing the company's revenue and deepening the production of sports games.
    Women are the best target audience for mobile games, according to Flurry statistics.
    Taj Kelly tried to figure out why "one-game syndrome" often occurs in mobile games.


    Steve Peterson’s discussion on the topic “How can consoles evolve in the future, and XBOX One can defeat PS4.”
    31% of new PS4 users previously owned Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii, not PlayStation 3.
    In September, Xbox Oneofficially goes on sale in 28 countries, including Russia. In October , the start of sales of the Xbox One Kinect . The device will cost about $ 150.


    A selection of news about the 3D game engine from the gcup.ru portal.
    2014 Unity Awards Results.
    Unity CEO David Helgason talked about balancing community satisfaction and leadership.
    Big release for developers: WebGL in Unity 5 and features of the new technology. Samsung Gear VR

    news goes on sale this fall. Presentation of new products from Apple will take place on September 9. Hiroshi Kawano, CEO at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan,

    left his post.
    Australians plan to sue Valve. The first hearing is on October 7th.
    South Korea has blocked all Facebook games.
    While Google was thinking and doubting, Amazon decided to buy Twitch.
    Destiny screenwriter Joshua Rubin now works at Talltale. I could not resist the Game of Thrones.
    Castlevania producer Dave Cox left Konami.
    Pekka Rantala is the new CEO at Rovio.
    Nintendo Announces New 3DS. The console design is so different that many new games will not work on older versions of 3DS.
    Sierra and King`s Quest return from Activision. Gamesindustry.biz tookinterviewed by Bob Loy and found out about Sierra's future plans.
    The author of Flappy Bird has released a new game, for which he was cursed again.
    CCP Games (EVE Online, Dust-514) closed its office in San Francisco and broke up with two key employees : marketing director David Reid and chief financial officer Joe Gallo.
    Neither Last of Us nor Diablo III was able to exceed the Yokai Watch 2 sales record in Japan.
    Casey Hudson left Bioware after 16 years at the company.
    Anita Sargsyan was forced to move due to threats against her family.
    Anthony Stevenson explained why the bear plays the violin in the new EA Sports ad.
    EA plans to earn over a milliondollars on DLC sales next year.
    Steve Ballmer, one of the directors of Microsoft, bought the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team and left the company. 320 employees fired from Nintendo's
    European division .
    The game from Kim Kardashian is in first place among downloads among games on the App Store.

    This is interesting

    “Snowball Effect” in game design and how to avoid it.
    Mike Rose talked about the 80 Days game and how to create text adventure for mobile devices. Game
    Design Training: Games and Rules.
    Top 10 game engines from the app2top portal.
    How to write a good design document.
    Four ways to make moneyin the Irish gaming industry.
    Eight reasons for the appeal of minimalistic games.
    John Faure put together recommendations for creating a critical path in the game.
    4 game design lessons we can get from Shovel Knight.
    Animation and sound in the game "Sparta: War of Empires."
    Bartolomei Filipek gave some useful tips in the publication Introduction to Software Optimization.
    Alexander Ballard spoke about the anatomy of indie games in the article “A Guide for Beginners in AngularJS”.
    According to DFC Intelligence, more than 92% of games are now purchased electronically.

    Google plans to introduce accounts for children.
    Overview of Intel Core i7 5960X.
    The founder of Puppy Games published an article on the corporate blog in which he admitted that players mean nothing to the company.
    Eric Dodds and Jason Chase of Blizzard about Hearthstone: money, eSports and player reviews.
    The company ThoughtSTEM, specializing in educational programs, has created a mod for Minecraft , which teaches children to code.
    Peter Jared published a study on the Techcrunch portal on the topic, “Why have PC sales increased and tablet sales dropped?”
    Sergey Azarov talked about how to survive in the gaming industry with small forces.
    [A] listdaily chatted with John Kimmich, CEO of Software Illuminati and editor of the Crowdfunding Bible.
    Chris DeLeon conducted a survey among developers about their first projects. The results of the survey in the form of diagrams can be found on his blog: part one , part two.
    The dtf portal published an anonymous article on scripting in the gaming industry.
    Interview with EA CEO Andrew Wilson about EA Access, new games and listening skills.
    Rob Fahey wrote an article claiming: “The days when Microsoft could buy an Xbox place in the industry have passed. The only way for the company is to make the product better than Sony. ”
    Todd Ziolek conducted a large-scale study and talked about 11 gaming innovations , the existence of which we owe to Nintendo.
    Everyone wants to work at Valve. Even those who have their own studios.

    Not for everyone: the benefits of exclusivity or What games could learn from William Shatner.
    Interesting (in technical terms) material “Why is there little sex in games?”
    Sony professional analysts could not explain to Yoshida why the PS4 is selling so well.
    James Guvertsman is eager to save the game industry with the PlayFab project.
    “To look back to go forward” is an article about the need for remakes.
    James Brightman wondered: " Why are AAA projects announced in advance?"
    A critical article about the industry and gamers is on the magicalwasteland.com blog. About,who are the gamers, it was also discussed in the material of Brandon Sheffield, published on the portal gamasutra. Why gamers are no longer the target audience of video games , another article on gamasutra said.

    Video and Audio

    "Mathematics for Developers: Graphics and Path Findings" by George Rodriguez.
    Key points of Unite 2014.
    Unity: calling the function of the object that was clicked on with the mouse.
    Giantbomb podcast on mobile games.
    Giantbomb podcast ... about different things. And one more.
    Giantbomb podcast on Mario Kart, Infamous: First Light, Star Citizen tournaments and more.
    Design development for Assassin`s Creed III.
    # 1ReasonToBe inspires European developers . The hashtag, recall, applies to women working in the gaming industry.
    Podcast about games about the outcome of GamesCom.
    Podcast "Technique and Artistry" on the blog "Disgusting Men." Release pilot, release one , release two, release three.
    Sergey Galenkin introduced a new podcast. FPS


    # 31


    Fish played Pokemon and then Street Fighter.

    Twitter Twitter

    Crowdfunding GaymerX

    gaming conference renamed GX: Everyone Games. Campaign launched on Kickstarterto raise funds for the next event in San Francisco.
    Ice-Pick Lodge went on Kickstarter with a remake of Mor.Utopia.


    • September 4–5, San Francisco: Cloud Gaming USA - a conference on design, distribution and analytics on all platforms.
    • On September 6-7, the World of Gamedev Knowledge conference will be held in Gdansk (Poland) .
    • September 8 - New York Games Conference.
    Tokyo Game Show 2014 will be held on September 18–21 in Japan (Chiba Prefecture) .
    • September 19–20 - Oculus Connect in Hollywood - a conference for those interested in virtual reality.
    • September 25−28 in London will host EGX-2014.
    • October 1-3: Sweden Game conference.
    • October 2-4 in Moscow: Game Developers Conference (CWI).
    • October 2-5: Igromir (Moscow).
    • October 7th: GameSoundCon 2014 in Los Angeles.
    October 9 DrinkUp (Manchester) .
    IndieCade: The International Festival of Independent Games will be held in California on October 10-12 .
    • On October 10-12, Austria will host Game City 2014.
    • October 11 in Kharkov: an independent XGamesDev conference .
    • October 11-12 in London: Play Expo 2014
    • October 15-16 in California: Gaming Insiders Summit.
    • October 16-17 in Norway:Konsoll 2014.
    • October 16-17 in Kiev: IDCEE 2014.
    • October 17-18 in Minsk DevGamm will be held.
    • October 20-23: Project Bar-BQ in Texas.
    • On October 21-23, Berlin will host Excellence in iGaming (EiG) .
    • October 22-24: in Canada IEEEE GEM (Games, Entertainment, & Media).
    • October 23-25: Casual Connect Kyiv.
    • October 23-26: Barcelona Affiliate Conference.
    • October 24-26: IGAMES-EXPO 2014 (Kiev).
    • October 25 – November 1 will host Game City in Nottingham.
    • October 27-28: Dubai World Game Expo 2014.
    • October 28 in Moscow, a conference of developers of mobile services MBLTdev.
    • October 29-31: Game Connection Europe 2014 (Paris).

    Bonus: Brief Game News

    Bioshock for iOS devices released.
    Resident Evil 1 will be released on consoles of new and previous generations.
    Assassin`s Creed: Rogue will be released on November 11.
    Rise: Son of Rome will be released soon on PC.
    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments will be released on September 30 on consoles and PCs.
    Sleeping Dogs for the latest generation of consoles and PCs will go on sale on October 10.
    Realmforge's Dungeons 2 will be released next year.
    Sims 4.
    Dragon Quest 4 released on mobile devices.
    Evil Within will appear on European shelves on October 14.
    Watch Dogs DLC will be released in September.
    Little big Planet will turn into a runner for PS Vita and mobile.
    Syberia 3 will be released on mobile devices in 2015.

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