09/09/2014 | Autumn presentation of new products from Apple

    Apple’s week on Habré can be considered open - today at 9 pm Moscow time there will be a presentation from the guys from Cupertino, which promises to be one of the most eventful of all time.

    Considering that Apple traditionally does not advertise what will be presented at the event, I will not say “they will definitely present”. But by the totality of rumors and leaks in the network, we can judge that today will be presented:

    New iPhone 6

    The predecessors in the face of the iPhone 5 / 5s served the prescribed two years, so it's time to update the lineup of smartphones from Apple. It is expected that two new iPhones will be introduced, which differ primarily in the diagonal of the screen: 4.7 (iPhone 6) and 5.5 (iPhone 6 Plus) inches, respectively (5 / 5S now has a 4-inch display and even it was once called giant).

    The network has many renderings of new iPhones printed on 3D printers of models, prototypes, and other “official iPhones with two SIM cards,” but I don’t want to draw any conclusions before the official announcement. And according to rumors, we are waiting for a metal case with rounded corners, sapphire crystal (on older models), an integrated NFC-module, an 8-megapixel camera (with optical stabilization), a model with 128 GB of memory and the new iOS 8 on board.

    New items are expected to go on sale on September 19.

    IWatch Watch

    As a famous designer recently said, “ Switzerland has problems .” It is clear that this was not about the whole country, but only about the Swiss humpbacked horse: the watch. All would be fine if these words were not from Apple designer Johnny Ive.

    Therefore, you can breathe a sigh of relief - most likely, today many posts with rumors about fruit watches, which are currently called iWatch, will stop appearing. Indeed, it seems a little strange that almost every self-respecting brand now has a smart watch (or some other wearable gadget such as a bracelet), not to mention the second and third echelons. But Apple has still not given birth to them.

    Knowing the marketers of the apple company, maybe they will be able to actually justify the need for this kind of gadget for each consumer and make those who do not have iWatch feel deprived of something. At least, that’s exactly how it used to be with the iPhone ( pff, it’s without buttons, you can’t even put games on it ) and the iPad ( but who needs it - already has an iPhone, but it still won’t replace a laptop ) - and Now these gadgets are in almost every family.

    In principle, the presentation of the three devices mentioned above could take the allotted time, but without additional products the happiness of the company's fans would be incomplete. There is no specifics in this matter, so I will list the possible options.

    Perhaps present:

    • Apple's payment system

      There are several prerequisites on the basis of which we can conclude that Apple is preparing its own payment system. At least, the noble soil for it seems to be about to appear: iPhone 6 with the NFC module, providing iOS 8 with TouchID access to third-party applications, a collective chat on Skype for Apple employees and representatives of such payment systems as Visa, American Express and MasterCard ... In short, there is no smoke without fire.

      Whether this theory is confirmed, we will find out in a few hours.

    • New iPad Air 2 and iPad mini Retina 2

      It is possible that the update will affect the company's tablets - at least it would be time. According to rumors, the new iPad Air (“2” will be added to the model name) will have a TouchID sensor rolled around on the iPhone, as well as a new camera and A8 processor. The younger brother in the face of the iPad Mini Retina 2 can receive the same innovations. Or it may not get it - it's like in a joke about a dinosaur, 50/50.

    Well, in conclusion: today it is unlikely to do without an announcement and an exact release date for the new version of iOS 8, whose beta version has long been available to developers. The same goes for the new OS X Yosemite - the new version of the operating system for "adult" devices from Apple. In the meantime, the site has only the line “This Autumn” - most likely, this is not about September 9th.

    The presentation will be broadcast on the official website . Nevertheless, I want to follow the tradition and make a text version of the presentation, so that there is something to discuss, looking at the pictures.

    If there are a lot of comments under this publication at the beginning of the announcement, then a separate page will be created for the broadcast so that you can discuss directly what was announced.

    What do you expect from the presentation?

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