Successful crowdfunding experience. TOP 5 best Indiegogo projects

    Compared to the promoted Kickstarter, the oldest Indiegogo crowdfunding platform has a number of advantages. Firstly, Indiegogo has a wider geography - projects on it can be created not only by Americans and British, as on Kickstarter, but all in a row, including Russians. Secondly, there are no restrictions on the type of projects - the spectrum is very wide, from technology to educational and entertainment. Another important detail - the financing model allows the startup to keep the collected amount, even if the stated goal is not achieved. The project continues to develop, and backers get their products at a reduced price.

    Of course, all these advantages attract Indiegogo a huge number of investment-seeking projects and a multimillion-dollar user audience ready to financially support these projects. With professional interest following the activities of colleagues, the VCStart team studied the most successful Indiegogo projects, and compiled the TOP-5 startups that are currently raising funds for the implementation of their projects on the site. Here they are:

    1. Projection Clock Ritot

    The era of wearable gadgets has already arrived, and who did not have time, he was most likely late. While Apple calves with its iWatch, exceeding all possible limits of expectation, people who are creative and adventurous do not lose time. And it's not about vendors like Samsung, which has clearly hurried with the release of its “smart watches” in an attempt to get ahead of its main competitor.

    Ritot offers users who have supported it on Indiegogo something better and more functional. The first Ritot projection watches have an elegant design and modern functionality, while dispensing with the ubiquitous touchscreen, which their developers, apparently, have already written off as a junk of history. Instead, the clock synchronized with the smartphone in the form of a rather thin bracelet projects all the information that usually appears on the screen right in your hand.

    And these are notifications of incoming calls, text messages, reminders, letters, calendar notifications, messages from Facebook and Twitter and notifications of other applications. If you don’t hear the call, the watch will quietly vibrate on your wrist. In general, the little thing is useful, inexpensive and stylish. For backers, pleasure costs only $ 120, which is half the future retail price. Until the end of the round of financing, another 11 days, and the clock has already “raised” $ 1,259,133, which is 2518% of the indicated target amount ($ 50 thousand).

    2. Jibo - the world's first family robot

    Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cynthia Breezel is known worldwide as a pioneer of social robotics. And now her obsession with the idea of ​​making the robot a pet and a true friend of a person was embodied in Jibo - a home assistant robot whose design is very reminiscent of Eve - the beloved of the protagonist of the cartoon Wall-E.

    Although, "helper", it is said loudly, scratching one's tongue - one does not need a lot of intelligence. And this is exactly what Jibo basically knows how to do. The robot is ready for a modest reward to its creators (from $ 600) to become your interlocutor, it can also plan your day and remind you of important meetings and tasks. And also shoot your family holidays on the built-in camera, set up video calls and play with children.

    Cons: to cook, wash, clean in the apartment, guard the house Dzhibo does not know how. Due to this, the product is still damp, but, nevertheless, raised $ 1,887,752 in two months, exceeding the target amount by 1888%. The fundraising campaign ends in 10 days.

    3.Skully AR-1: when a helmet is smarter than a motorcyclist

    This is a miracle of modern technology, donning which, probably, you feel like Robocop, already on the first day of the round of financing collected $ 800 thousand.

    The helmet is made of lightweight polycarbonate in accordance with all the rules of aerodynamics, it has an internal display, a wide-angle rear view camera, anti-fog and anti-glare visor with increased protection, which reduces sweating by Outlast lining by 70%, GPS-navigator, built-in speakers and a player. Connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The project raised $ 1710189, exceeding the goal by more than 8 times, the campaign will last until September 9. The cost of the helmet without delivery is 1399 dollars, delivery is promised in May 2015.

    4.TouchPico: pico projector with touch image

    The gadget is a box the size of a portable hard drive, but the size of the image displayed on the surface reaches 80 inches. TouchPico differs from existing pico projectors that you won’t surprise anyone for a long time with one important feature - the image displayed on any surface is interactive.

    The projector is equipped with a stylus, whose movements are monitored by an infrared camera integrated in TouchPico, which ensures interaction. In addition, there is an audio jack, an HDMI port and a Wi-Fi module that allows you to project any image from any mobile device or PC onto any surface. The project has already raised $ 663,186 (1.206%), and by the end of the campaign another 3 weeks, which suggests that the amount will increase at least twice. At retail, the gadget will cost $ 500, and for pre-orders it will cost 379.

    5. ZEN Thermostat

    “Smart Thermostat” is a device with a very minimalistic design, but at the same time functional and beautiful. A Zen thermostat dispenses with a display - information is displayed on it through built-in LEDs, which looks pretty original. Opportunities - heating and ventilation control, scheduling the temperature changes in the room. Funding ends after 25 days, but the thermostat has already collected the declared amount. For backers, the device will cost $ 150, in retail - about 200.

    The determination of positions in the TOP was carried out taking into account financial indicators, the most striking innovations and user preferences. And according to Indiegogo leaders, the following conclusion can be drawn - the modern Western user is most ready to financially support a physically tangible product that has a utilitarian purpose (this was recently confirmed and set a new record for fees on Kickstarter project Coolest Cooler ) than donate to charity or invest in development BY.

    Most of the Russian startups that attract financing on our collective investment platform are engaged in the development of web projects and mobile solutions. Let's not rush to conclusions - for good or bad - time will tell. But the fact that Russian startups should turn their attention to the successful experience of foreign colleagues is a fact. Experience is a useful thing, it can come in handy.

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