5 billion Tesla Battery Gig Factory to be built in Nevada

    It seems that the Tesla leadership has decided on the construction site of its gigafactory of batteries for the same car. On Habré already mentioned this object more than once, and now it becomes more and more real. As indicated in the title, it is planned to spend $ 5 billion on construction.

    Currently, according to CNBC sources , the main points of the Tesla agreement with the Nevada authorities have already been agreed upon, and only a small part of the remaining points remains to be discussed. According to the same source, there was only a week left until the official announcement and signing of the contract.

    By the way, a press conference of the Governor of Nevada is scheduled for next Thursday, the main point of which is the announcement of "an important event for the economic development of the region." At the same time, a spokeswoman for Tesla did not comment on the conclusion of an agreement on the construction of a battery factory, but confirmed that company representatives would attend the press conference.


    Previously, it was announced that, in addition to state authorities, Panasonic will be the main partner of Tesla in this project. The company will be responsible for the equipment used to manufacture the battery cells. Tesla will build the entire factory, including infrastructure networks, and will collect batteries from Panasonic-created cells.

    By 2020, as planned, the factory will produce only cells for batteries with a volume of 35 gigawatt-hours per year. Batteries will be produced at approximately 500 gigawatt hours.

    Via cnbc

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