Photo tour of the office "Audiomania": Part Two

    In the first part of the photo tour of the Moscow office of Audiomania, we told about the big showroom and two cinema halls. Today we will show office space, trading floor and warehouse.

    The store’s address is Barabanny Pereulok, 4. It is a five minute walk from the metro station Elektrozavodskaya. Near the entrance to the territory of the business center hangs the sign "Audiomania" with an arrow that points to the checkpoint. To get to us, you need to find the entrance number 11. To do this, go checkpoint straight, and then turn left. At the 11th entrance will be another of our sign.

    The sales area, office space (for example, the engineering room) and the warehouse are located next to the large showroom (pictured below), which we described in the first part of the photo excursion .

    Engineering room

    Like last time, we did not specifically prepare the premises for photography. We show the creative mess as it is - in the process of the work of our specialists.

    Here, engineers assemble speakers, design and test equipment. Therefore, in this room (as in the large showroom) walls are laid with a special damping material and sound-absorbing coating. There are all conditions for working with acoustics.

    By the way, in the engineering room we sometimes record the issues of the podcast “Sound” . For example, in one of the programs, we talked to Kerim Tatevian, an expert in home theater design, and talked about building new cinema halls and gifts for music lovers.


    Our consultants and specialists in Hi-Fi and High End equipment are working in the shop at “Drum” . By the way, half of our colleagues have been working in Audiomania for more than three years.

    Their experience allows us to constantly raise the bar of quality and win awards. For example, we received the title of the most client-oriented company of the Runet within the E-commerce Staff Party. We also won two Online Retail Awards.

    So that sellers can solve customer problems and answer their questions, we provide additional training within a few months. After the internship, the seller becomes a consultant and, later, a specialist (for a specific type of equipment).

    Some employees work in the sales area. But there is a group of people answering phone calls and in online chat. If the store receives a call, and all the managers are busy, it is redirected to our store in St. Petersburg. If there is a full load there, then the marketing department takes the call. There was a situation when the call reached the CEO in the chain and he personally completed the sale.

    The sellers do not have any scripts, and the time of conversation with the customer is unlimited. Therefore, talking for several hours is a normal situation, the main thing is to solve the client’s question. This approach to work helps us grow in the market.

    “Audiomania” has been working since 1997, and during this time we have accumulated a large number of diplomas. There are awards "Best Hi-Fi online store" and "Discovery of the Year 2016" from the distributor of professional audio equipment MixArt. We won in the nominations “Hi-Fi. Best online store "and" Best Salon 2010 "and many others .

    Shopping room

    In the trading hall to the right of the entrance behind the counter are sellers. Behind their backs is a stand with headphones. Price categories are very different: from budget Fischer Audio to premium Beyerdynamic . Any model can be felt and heard right on the spot. To play music, you can use your devices and your favorite songs.

    We approach this approach in every possible way.

    On the pedestal in the middle of the hall are several acoustic systems. In the center is the column of the brand Old School , made in the spirit of the 80s. There are also installed racks with vinyl records. Everyone can come and choose the composition to your taste. In this case, the order can be issued online - we have a catalog with vinyl products on our website.

    In the glass windows are collectible vinyl editions.

    There is a box set of the Kino group of eight records, Jimi Hendrix’s compositions , as well as Bob Marley albums in a handmade metal case.

    Behind the racks with vinyl records, we have another small office section. In it - a couple of jobs for employees.

    Opposite this mini-penspace rack for those who prefer to collect acoustics with their own hands. It exhibited all sorts of cables and Hi-Fi-components.

    In addition, for DIY, we have speakers and electronic components (capacitors, resistors, transformers and lamps), various kinds of connectors, screws, other fasteners and components for speakers.

    Opposite the compact office part is the entrance to the small showroom.

    In a small room, we expose the equipment for a specific client, and sales assistants answer questions that appear during the audition. Now we are preparing the modernization of this showroom: a design project has already been approved, materials are being purchased and construction planning is underway. We will surely share the results in a blog on Habré.


    In our warehouses there is a large part of the goods presented in the electronic catalog. Because very often, customers can get their purchase on the day of order. In the photo - not quite a warehouse. There are columns that do not fit in a small showroom. They are taken out there as needed.

    To improve the efficiency of the warehouse staff, we have developed several techniques. For example, now in the “Audiomania” warehouse you can find three types of “containers” for storing goods: boxes for small items (capacitors, resistors, radio tubes), trays for larger items (speakers, horns, etc.) and shelves on racks (there equipment).

    Each shelf and each drawer has its own barcode with which employees can quickly find the right product. We do not stick labels on small radio elements, because they always lie in the right cell. No ready-made warehouse management solution known to us knows how to work with goods without an individual label. Barcodes are read using a smartphone and a Bluetooth-scanner - for this we wrote our own software.

    The order is assembled as follows. First, the employee scans the barcode from the monitor screen and receives a new task on the smartphone. The system reflects the number of the place and the name of the thing to be taken. The worker goes there, alternately scanning bar codes of the shelf (cell) and product. So he is sure that he packs in the box the necessary goods to the buyer.

    At the same time, the system automatically manages the “assembly flow”. Their sequence changes dynamically. For example, retail clients are always in priority, and sending goods to regions to companies is tailored to a specific time (when a courier or an employee of a transport company usually arrives).

    That's all, thank you for your attention and welcome you!

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