Google and Bungie Create Destiny Interactive World Using Street View

    A very interesting idea came up with the guys from Bungie, the company that created the Destiny game. Together with Google developers, an interactive world was created based on the Google Street View service.

    With the help of this development, you can go beyond the Earth, and see what is happening on the Moon, Mars or Venus. Of course, everything that can be seen is related to the Destiny game world: units, mobs, in-game objects - it all looks like real.

    Comprehensive information about each object can be obtained by simply hovering over the object with the mouse cursor. In addition, it explains the structure of the game world, relations between worlds of clans, etc. Actually, this is the first time that the game world, rather than the real one, is applied to the Google service card.

    Apparently, the guys from Bungie clearly know what needs to be done to attract new people to the game world.

    Evaluate the work done here: Destiny Planet View .

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