MOTA SmartRing: smart ring instead of smart watches


    The number of manufacturers of smart watches, smart bracelets and other high-tech accessories is already surging. Every week, new companies are added to the race for the production of such devices, creating their own gadgets, while the excitement is noticeable both among technological giants and among non-name manufacturers.

    As a result, the niche of the same smartwatches is already crowded, and it is becoming more crowded, if I may say so. Therefore, manufacturers have to come up with something new. Someone adds some unique functions or unusual appearance to their own smart watches. Well, someone is creating smart devices of a new type. That is exactly what MOTA did, which announced the imminent entry into the market ... of a smart ring.

    Do smart watches seem too large and uncomfortable? Then you can try MOTA SmartRing.

    Despite its size, the ring is equipped with a small display, a Bluetooth wireless module and vibration. When connected to a smartphone (iOS or Android), the ring allows you to track notifications about incoming messages, and also shows the time.

    MOTA SmartRing can track receipt of email, text messages, calendar events, and incoming calls. In addition, there is the possibility of receiving event notifications in your Facebook or Twitter account. When a message is received, the ring vibrates.

    Of course, the MOTA SmartRing case is waterproof.

    This week, the device will be shown at the IFA Berlin Tech Show, where the technical specifications, price and release date of the device will be announced.

    Actually, MOTA SmartRing is a very unusual, micro-niche device. But knowing the love of many geeks and ordinary people for new products in the world of technology, one must think that this device will find its buyer.

    Via mota

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