BBC plans to teach children programming through the Bitesize project and TV shows


    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has published its own programming training materials in support of a new UK-wide educational course. For their publication, the BBC educational portal called Bitesize was used - it has existed since 1998, and its purpose is to help schoolchildren and students in the study of various sciences.

    In addition to teaching materials for children, the BBC will launch several programming shows on television. The management of the television company said that the current steps are part of a major initiative aimed at promoting the study of programming, the implementation of which is planned for next year.

    Children will be taught in their usual manner - for example, information about existing units of information will be told to them through animations. The materials on Bitesize cover 40 different elements of the educational course and are divided into levels from elementary school to final exams.


    Among the topics for young students are programs for debugging code, writing examples of their own code and explaining the principles of the Internet. For older students, the study of algorithms, data representations and binary code is provided.

    Representatives of the technology industry supported the BBC initiative - for example, the representative of the Raspberry Pi Foundation Eben Upton spoke with support:

    Those educational materials that I managed to see look very promising. The project will allow reaching out to people who do not currently belong to technology lovers. Only in this way can more people become engineers and social mobility increase.

    Among the TV programs that are planned to be launched later this year, shows about applications and gadgets, game development and programming. One of the shows, in particular, will be devoted to 3D printing, programming and unmanned vehicles.


    At the moment, negotiations are underway on partnerships with large companies such as Microsoft, Google and Samsung, as well as educational projects Codeacademy, Code Club, CoderDojo and others.

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