Unlocking your phone with an NFC clip: one-touch play

    Two weeks ago, a topic appeared on the hub : dedicated to fraud through re-issuance of a SIM card and withdrawal of money from Sberbank. Then, in the comments, one of the readers wrote:
    “Here, but in the discussion of the Android application, a lot has been written about the fact that if you lost your phone and immediately consider it lost money”

    Earlier in my post describing remote locking of a device via the updated Android Device Manager, another user was surprised:
    “Maybe I don’t understand something and am doing something wrong, but I climbed into“ Google Settings ”->“ Android Remote Control ”and unchecked all the daws. Those. is it enough for an attacker to be faster than me and remove the jackdaws before blocking? MyXperia shuts off just as easily. "

    What does it mean? And everything is simple - many simply do not use the phone’s password lock (not to mention encryption). And why? Yes, because it’s inconvenient to poke a few times on the screen, and even with the obligatory Enter at the end, every time you turn on the phone. Especially if you need a phone all the time. And what to do? It seems to me that either use finger sensors like on an iPhone (with the possibility of compromising a password and the biological impossibility of changing it. Or use unlocking with a wearable NFC tag.

    When Motorola X was presented, I noticed one fun accessory: Motorola Skip NFC clip . This thing was put on clothes and unlocked the phone with one touch, that is, you just need to get used to running the phone on your Motorola Skip from the pocket from the pocket.

    At the time of release, Skip was worth $ 20. Now the price has dropped to $ 10, and, given the presence of 3 more tags in the set - say, for work, a car, and something else - it's just a great option. True, there is one “but” - Skip only works with Motorola phones (with the exception of Moto G, where there is no NFC module). Therefore, if you have Motorola, then I envy you.

    But what about the rest of the Android users? So, if you have Root and your phone is not built on the MT6592 processor, then you can use the excellent NFC Unlocking application with xda-developers (to install it, you first need to install the Xposed Framework). If you are not sure that the clip will work properly, you can first experiment with some tag that is available at hand. For example, with a metro card.

    By the way, on the same xda-developers there is a nice instruction that allows you to make Motorola Skip at home: using an NFC tag (the same as that recommended in the Habratopics for making NFC business cards ), a pair of magnets, a piece of cloth and a sewing machine. Such a pleasant homemade homemade.

    Five suitable NFC tags can be bought on Amazon for $ 11. Given that Motorola Skip comes with three more tags and costs only $ 10, I would prefer a ready-made and beautiful Skip.

    By the way, in March of this year, a project was posted on Kickstarter, where an NFC ring was used as a similar unlocker. I would call it the next Skip incarnation, if not for some difficulty in manufacturing. Still, 3D printers are still not very common.

    And finally, they say that in a couple of days, at the presentation of new smartphones, Motorola will show the next version of Skip. It will be a Bluetooth key fob attached to the keys. Those. while you are in the keyfob coverage area, your phone is not password-protected, if you move away, the phone is blocked (the bonus is the ability to search for a phone with keys and vice versa). But this idea seems to me less reliable than the NFC tag. Although more convenient.

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