High-tech "boots-walkers" will show the owner the right direction

    Many tales and epics of various nationalities mention magic shoes that allow their owner to fly, or at least walk faster than usual. In general, flying shoes are still far away, but it is already possible to accelerate your way with the help of smart boots (yes, no boots, unfortunately).

    Recently, an Indian company introduced its own version of smart shoes, which allows you to replace a fitness bracelets. Each boot (or is it Sneakers?) Is equipped with a Bluetooth module, as well as various kinds of sensors and sensors. The wireless communication module allows you to transmit and receive information in sync with your smartphone, for which a special application has been released. Well, the sensors let you know how many steps have been taken, what distance has been traveled, how many calories have been burned.

    In addition, the boots, synchronized via a smartphone with the Google maps mapping service, show the owner the right direction.

    It's not about some kind of LED arrows or something else. No, the developers equipped their product with vibration motors, which work alternately, allowing them to understand where to go. If you need to make a left turn, the vibration motor works in the left boot, and vice versa, if you need to go to the right, the vibration motor works in the right boot.

    As far as you can understand, the Indian company produces not only smart boots / sneakers, but also no less smart insoles that can be invested in ordinary sneakers (the developers promise that such inserts will not interfere). The functions of the finished shoes and the "insoles" are the same: indicating the correct path by vibration, measuring the distance traveled, counting the number of calories burned per day. Well, a special application can show you the achievement of other people, that is, it is not only smart shoes, but also social, if I may say so.

    The new range of smart shoe was named LeChal , authors of the project are the founders of a startup Ducere, Crispian Lawrence and Enayradh Sharma. Developers believe that their product will help tourists, hunters, athletes and many other categories of people. Among other things, such shoes are also useful for people with various kinds of deviations (well, at least the same sclerosis).

    Currently, the authors have already collected 25,000 thousand pre-orders for their shoes, the price of which is about $ 130 per pair. It is likely that by April next year will be sold already 100 thousand pairs of LeChal. Of course, there are shortcomings in shoes, including the need to recharge the battery and a possible wireless failure, but these and other problems will be solved as they become available.

    Via indiatimes

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