The game developer was nearly arrested for sketching on the board

    Board with a draft of the game "Global Thermonuclear War" A

    funny incident happened with the English game developer Henry Smith (Henry Smith) from Bristol. He is currently working on a multiplayer atomic warfare simulator using the Google Maps API. A few days ago, the manager of the apartment building, where Smith is renting an apartment, visited his home with a planned inspection. Soon, the real estate agent called the developer back and said that the inspector had some concerns about the drawing that he saw on the board.

    The figure shows a diagram of a nuclear attack on Washington.

    The programmer hastened to explain the misunderstanding. He is currently working on a computer game, and this is just a sketch of the interface.

    However, Henry Smith soon received an e-mail stating that his case was reported to the police.

    Henry says he was terribly afraid - and immediately rushed home, expecting to see a special forces detachment. Knowing how potential terrorists are being treated now, he was preparing for the worst.

    However, the police have not yet appeared. Common sense probably prevailed. “No one is planning an Russian intercontinental ballistic missile attack on Washington from a Bristol suburb,” Henry said. “And she definitely doesn’t draw the trajectory by hand on the board.” Moreover, this drawing will not be left on the wall on the day of the planned inspection. ”

    In any case, thank God that everything ended normally.

    The source code for the Global Thermonuclear War,early prototype multiplayer mode.

    According to the author, the only way to win this war is not to play it.

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