runScribe will help to avoid injuries when jogging


    On Habré more than once or twice reviews of gadgets and news were published, with descriptions of new fitness trackers, smart bracelets and other accessories. These devices can count the distance traveled, calories burned, and build a workout map. And all this is very useful for a person who enjoys sports (running, jumping, cycling).

    But these gadgets, unfortunately, do not allow us to understand what prevents a person from showing the best result and discovering factors that can lead to injury. According to Scribe Labs , about 65% of people involved in jogging receive any kind of injury every year associated with this sport. Some of these injuries are caused by the selection of the wrong running shoes, type of surface / terrain, and other factors.

    runscribe data

    In order to detect negative factors that interfere with the athlete, the runScribe device was created.

    What can runScribe do?

    This is a small gadget that is mounted on the back of the shoe, and captures the movement of the human foot when running, thanks to the presence of a sensitive 9-axis sensor.

    In addition, the device captures such parameters as setting the foot in contact with the ground, and the force of impact on the surface. All collected data is transferred by the device to the smartphone application, where all this is displayed in an understandable table. At the same time, the data is highlighted in color: green and gray - everything is fine, and yellow and red - you should pay attention to these parameters so as not to get injured.


    By design, runScribe helps determine the optimal movement / running parameters for a particular person, which allows not only to improve their own results, but also to avoid traumatic situations.

    By the way, the developers have already raised more funds to launch mass production of their device than planned. Thanks to this, some additional features are added. For example, on the training map, now you can see the sections of the path covered with the optimal setting of the leg, and the sections where the athlete endangered himself:

    Unfortunately, the device itself does not have a GPS module, so the map is built on the basis of data obtained by smart watches, a smartphone or any other GPS gadgets.

    Results Analysis

    According to the results of the training, the device scores “points”, the final training score, which includes the number of steps taken, and the correct positioning of the foot, the training time and some other data.

    Fans of very detailed data can get all the necessary graphs:

    Raw Data available w / runScribe Science

    Raw Data - Impact and Braking Gs

    RunScribe Features:
    • 9-axis motion sensor;
    • ROM for recording training data;
    • LEDs
    • Bluetooth module for data transfer;
    • Compatible with iOS and Android;
    • API compatibility with ANT .FIT, Garmin Training Center XML (TCX) and .CSV;
    • Weight: 15 grams
    • Dimensions: 35x15x5.


    Now pre-order can be issued from the manufacturer for 99 US dollars, then - already at 139 US dollars.

    In Russia, you can apply for runScribe from Medgadgets .

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