10 answers to questions on working with a customer

    After the last PM-Weekend, I managed to catch selikhovkin and asked to record some videos on the most popular questions about project management. Today is the first video:

    10 answers to questions about working with a customer

    As part of the video, Ivan thesis revealed the following questions:
    1. How to interest business in increasing the maturity of the management system?
    2. Methods for generating customer expectations for the project and their use
    3. How to understand what the customer wants?
    4. How to keep the customer from inflating requirements?
    5. How to teach the customer to trust the developer?
    6. What methods / methodologies of project management and communication with the customer exist?
    7. Sabotage of customer employees (how to deal)?
    8. How to inform the customer that the project is not going according to plan, what phrases to use, how to smooth the impression?
    9. Features of working with government customers
    10. What to do to the manager on the project, which the customer starts to drift?

    It is clear that about each question, you can safely arrange 2-hour sessions (maybe we’ll do the next PM-Weekend meetings on these topics), but I wanted to make a thesis, brief and useful material. We will be grateful for the feedback.

    PS In the words of Ivan about the specifics of methodologies, depending on the type of company’s business, I already started to bounce, so I wanted to argue. Therefore, friends, if there is anything to supplement, argue or confirm the above, we will be grateful for the comments.

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