Work with PostgreSQL: tuning and scaling (4th edition) and Cooking Infrastructure by Chef (1st edition)

    Good afternoon, Khabrovsk residents. Today I want to present the result of almost a year of work - two free books.

    The first book has been around for quite some time, and some of you might be aware. “Working with PostgreSQL: Tuning and Scaling” (fourth edition) describes what a PostgreSQL database is and how much you can do with it. The book updated the sections on replication (new Londiste, Bucardo, BDR), added new extensions and examples of their use. Also, sections were cleaned up to date versions of the database. The second book is called Cooking Infrastructure by Chef

    . This book is written in English so that more interested engineers can read it. The book tells what Chef is, how to start working with it and how it can help you in automating your IT infrastructure (the trendy DevOps trend). In the book I tried to reveal all the most important aspects in working with Chef. As always, both books are Open Source ( CC-BY-NC ). Sources can be looked at github. Enjoy reading and studying!

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