CA7CH: the smallest wireless streaming camera in the world

    With the advent of a large number of gadgets that can capture photos and video information, more and more people begin to use this technique to their advantage. Of course, needs are growing, and a simple photo and video is not enough for many.

    Often there is a need for streaming, that is, the translation of any events on the Network. At the same time, streaming can be quite difficult, despite the capabilities of modern technology. Among other things, for streaming you need several devices if you want to get high-quality material.

    Not so long ago, there was another interesting solution that allows you to set up streaming without any effort at all. This solution is a miniature CA7CH HD camera.

    Device features

    CA7CH is attached directly to clothing (the camera body is waterproof), after which you can forget about the camera - all work is performed automatically. The camera provides video recording in HD-quality (720 and 1080p). You can take pictures if necessary.

    The camera communicates with the Network via the smartphone’s mobile Internet, and all materials are uploaded to the proprietary “cloud” if recording is being done without broadcasting.

    CA7CH Features

    • Size - 1.5 inches;
    • 8 MP camera;
    • Record video in quality up to 1080p (30 fps);
    • Video recording in 720p quality (60 fps);
    • Bluetooth and WiFi modules;
    • Battery life when recording video in 1080p quality - 45 minutes;
    • Battery life during streaming - 25 minutes;
    • Data synchronization with the "cloud";
    • Protection against moisture;
    • Work with proprietary applications for Android and iOS.

    As for the last paragraph, the application extends the capabilities of the device. For example, a smartphone’s display can be used as a viewfinder to focus on a camera.

    Of course, in the modern world with its social networks, developers could not ignore the social component. Photos and videos can be tagged, sent to social networks, provide access for friends and acquaintances.

    The disadvantage of the camera is the small battery capacity, as you can see, the current capacity is enough to provide only 25 minutes in the streaming mode. True, the manufacturer also sells a battery of increased capacity, doubling the battery life of the device.

    As a conclusion, we can say that if you need to quickly stream a short-lived event, all this can be organized using CA7CH. In addition, the camera is also suitable for people who would like to record something in good quality (event, meeting, sports game and everything else).

    Price and order

    Now you can pre-order from the manufacturer for $ 159.

    In Russia, you can leave a request for goods at Medgadgets .

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