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    We try to keep you informed of all our current news, but this summer turned out to be hot and full of endless hours of refinement of our product. And now we are ready to present you some new products from us. We would also like to ask you some questions at the end of this post, please pay attention.

    But first of all, we want to show you a small video that we did to briefly outline the main advantages of Payler for new users. If you have not heard about Payler, this video will answer all your questions.

    Under the cut, a detailed story about our advanced personal account! Stay in touch.

    So, recently we launched an advanced personal account and added important new functions to it. First of all, it affected the types of display of the dynamics of payments made. The total amount of payments can be ranked by day, week and month. You can see statistics for the selected period:


    It is also possible to display individual payments. You can divide payments into clusters by region.


    Regions are also conveniently displayed on a geographical map; this type of monitoring can be turned on at any time:


    You can also rank payments by the range of amounts. For example, see all recent purchases from 1000 to 5000 rubles. It’s worth doing so in order to evaluate consumer behavior in your store. In the era of the Big Data, such estimates sometimes help to make important business steps: to buy more of those products that diverge the fastest, to offer special conditions to the group of customers that you allocated. Such a system will work especially effectively if you have already implemented loyalty or lead generation programs.

    Also, the Payler interface allows you to create different profiles for each payment. A profile is assigned to the payment automatically, you can gradually supplement all other information for personal reporting. If the customer makes a purchase at your store more than once, Payler will automatically identify it. In this part, there is also the possibility of ranking on successful payments returned by the most recent.


    Each payment can be viewed separately, with all the information that is on it. This can be conveniently used if there are several sellers in your store, and you want to track the effectiveness of each seller separately. In the payment profile, you can leave notes - any information that you want to highlight on this payment.


    Each client is also assigned a separate profile with similar editing functions. In principle, already this information will be enough for you to apply bonus programs to the payer.


    These features will be available soon in test mode, so you can try them yourself. We will inform about this in our blog.

    Additional Optimization

    Payler also offers a front-end adaptation of the appearance of the payment gateway for your site. Adaptation is also possible for the design of a mobile application.


    Mobile client

    Payler mobile client is fully adapted for all smartphones based on iOS and Android. For tablets, a mobile version of the site is assumed. The application is primarily designed for monitoring and chat mode with a support service.


    And now we would like to ask you a short question, which is very important for us. We really value our audience on Habré and would like to know from you what kind of articles and posts from us you would rate positively.

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    What features of the Payler payment system could interest you, and would you like to know about them in a separate post?

    • 33.3% SMS gateway: sending, receiving payment by SMS, storage of personal data, mobile commerce 2
    • 33.3% mPOS-terminals: organization of accepting payments from a bank card using a smartphone 2
    • 33.3% Processing Codes: show how Payler works from the inside in lines of code 2
    • 50% Two-stage and three-stage payments: show how the various payment acceptance schemes work on the site 3
    • 50% Payler API: a talk about which platforms Payler 3 can be integrated into
    • 33.3% Mobile commerce: organization of receiving payments in mobile applications, features of development and integration 2
    • 16.6% Integration of loyalty programs and work with Payler analytic module, work with Big Data 1

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