WGDC Competition: End of Job Registration Phase


    On August 15, we completed the registration of ideas, projects and teams for the WGDC ​​contest. As you probably already noticed, most of the project presentations can be seen by clicking on the link from the main page of the competition .

    After long internal consultations, we made such a decision to give the competition maximum openness and transparency. At the start of the WGDC, many were dissatisfied with the fact that the competition would bring more benefits to Wargaming, which is going to skim the cream of fresh ideas than the community. By revealing all the cards, we, firstly, exclude the possibility of fraud and any statements in the style of "it is not clear who won". Secondly, we stimulate feedback with the authors of the works: feedback from the community representatives in the comments is designed to help authors finalize ideas. Finally, thirdly, we demonstrate that the authors really have overlapping ideas that are on equal starting positions.

    Since we, together with Habr, have already begun the second stage of selection of work announced in the start article about WGDC, on the page "Projects of the participants" you can see not all the works, but only potential - at the moment - applicants for victory. That is, prize seekers can now see the average level of competitors. We are confident that this approach encourages developers to give their best.

    At the same time, we don’t even think about forgetting about those whose projects initially look a little weaker or almost impossible to implement. They will receive notifications about this and will be able to contact our support team to find out the reasons why the work has not yet been accepted and did not fall into a kind of short list. Thus, the authors will avoid wasting time and effort on knowingly losing ideas and projects and will have the opportunity to improve them or change to more successful ones.

    The only risk that we see during such a trip is the temptation to draw something from other people's ideas or to engage in frank plagiarism. However, such attempts are completely meaningless.

    We have already familiarized ourselves with all the initial presentations - both more and less powerful ideas at the moment. Any 180 degree turn and attempts to start doing something already seen by competitors will be noticed and will result in automatic disqualification. Those who decide to redo the work after feedback from our support team will have to edit the work, updating the project presentations and their description and getting re-moderated. Pass it with plagiarism of other people's work also will not succeed.

    The competition is only gaining momentum. We are waiting for comments on the work from the community and the evolution of ideas from the participants.

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