Epson Moverio BT-200 Developer Contest

    Dear hawkers!

    I'm sure many of you are aware that in sale glasses Epson Moverio BT-200, which we  have repeatedly told Habré. The launch was stunning! There are so many people who want to become their owners that we barely manage to produce enough video glasses!

    The Epson BT-200 is a unique device that combines the flexibility of the Android platform with the unusual design of binocular video glasses. For this reason, the Moverio Apps Market was specially created for them , where developers can publish, and users can download applications optimized for BT-200.

    In connection with this circumstance, we decided to organize a competition of developers of Android applications for the Epson Moverio BT-200. And since, in our opinion, Habr is the best place to search for Android developers from all CIS countries, we decided to hold a contest here!

    There are three categories of applications:

    • Best AR app
    • The best non-AR application
    • The best game (AR or not AR - you decide)

    Prizes in each category:

    How to participate:

    To participate in the competition, it is enough to register on our website for developers: and submit your application in the appropriate section on the website .

    After the final publication of the application in the Apps Market, it is enough to fill out a form on the website , informing us of your application. We will install the application on our BT-200 instances and let you know!

    Immediately answer the questions that participants may have:

    How can I develop an AR application for video glasses without the video glasses themselves?
    Since the Epson BT-200 video glasses are running Android 4, they are no different programmatically from, for example, a tablet or phone with a camera, GPS and an accelerometer on board. An important difference from other Android devices is that the operation of the OS and applications is possible only in landscape mode. Therefore, you can safely develop or port (yes, yes!) Existing applications, even if they use the camera to recognize, for example, markers in augmented reality applications, since the BT-200 uses standard APIs for working with the camera, GPS, compass and accelerometer .
    What languages ​​should the application be localized in?
    To publish the application, it is enough to localize it at least in English.
    What AR application can I develop?
    The main feature of the BT-200 is its transparent design. Imagine that you are holding tightly in front of your eyes a large translucent screen on which your application window is displayed. You can make an application for navigation, training with the display of 3D models and using augmented reality markers, a video game that uses a gyroscope and allows you to play by turning the head ... The possibilities are almost endless!
    When developing an AR application for the BT-200, it’s important to understand that, unlike a regular tablet, on which an AR application usually displays a picture from a camera, video glasses are already transparent and putting a picture of the same reality from a camera on top of reality will not be the best solution = ) Therefore, in AR-applications for BT-200, you do not need to display video from the camera on the screen, but use it only to determine the location of the marker. And 3D objects and interface elements should be displayed on a black background, which in the case of BT-200 is "transparent".
    Can the application be paid? Can I make money in the Apps Market?
    Of course! Moverio Apps Market is not only a way to distribute your application among owners of Epson BT-200, but also to earn! You can read more about how the process of selling applications and financial issues is organized on the site for developers .
    Why do I need all this?
    The Epson Moverio Market is still very young. You have a chance to take your place in the sun, while other sluggish developers "swing" and decide to try their hand. In addition, we do not hide the fact that we need talented developers, and we look forward to further fruitful work on application development with the winners of the competition.

    Useful links:

    Every two weeks we will report on the intermediate results of the contest and share our impressions about the applications that our participants will download.

    Developers, Developers, Developers! We are waiting for your application!

    Dear Khabravchians,
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    Looking forward to seeing you on our GT blog!
    Epson Team

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