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C ++ 14 is ready!

Following a meeting of Isaqua (Washington, USA) in February, we launched a vote for a draft international standard (DIS) for the next C ++ standard. This vote ended on Friday.

Today we received a notification that the vote was unanimously successful and therefore we can start publishing. We will be doing some final editorial touches to correct some spelling mistakes and misspelled words, and then we will forward this document to ISO for publication this year as the completely new international standard ISO / IEC 14882: 2014 (E) of the C ++ programming language, also known as C ++ 14.

C ++ creator Bjorn Straustrupwrites: “C ++ 14 was released on time and the implementation is already supplied by major suppliers. It's great! This is extremely beneficial for people who want to use C ++ as a modern language! ”

Many thanks to our tireless C ++ 14 project editor Stefanus Duthoit and his assistants, and to all members of the C ++ standards committee. For performing work on time and with high quality, with a record low number of questions and corrections in CD and DIS votes!

This is not only the fastest release of a new standard in the history of C ++, but, as Björn noted, it is also historical in a different way: there are already several practically or completely correct implementations (minus bugs) of C ++ 14 available today, or in the near future - and this is when C ++ 14 is just being published. This has never happened before for the C ++ (and I consider C) standard. For C ++ 98, the delta between the publication of the standard and the first available, fully compliant implementation, was about 5 years. For C ++ 11, it was two years. For C ++ 14, these two events merged, and we achieved the simultaneous release of the standard and its implementation.

Thanks again to everyone. It was a team work.

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Which C ++ compiler do you mainly use?

  • 42.7% Microsoft Visual C ++ 934
  • 42.5% GNU C ++ 931
  • 9.1% Clang 200
  • 1% Intel C ++ compiler 23
  • 2.2% Embarcadero C ++ Builder 49
  • 2.2% Other 50

What C ++ standard do you use in your main project?

  • 3.9% C ++ 14 Preview 74
  • 51% C ++ 11 962
  • 21.9% C ++ 03 413
  • 10.6% C ++ 98 201
  • 12.4% I am writing in C with classes 235

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