Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: tested in public

    The new camera phone - Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - can not be called a "revolutionary device." After all, the story called “let's attach a lens to the android” began two years ago, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Then the company was inspired by the spirit of experimentation and, starting in mid-2013, it released three more hybrid devices - the Galaxy S4 Zoom camera phone, Galaxy NX mirrorless and the second version of the Galaxy Camera. And finally, at the very beginning of the summer, K Zoom was officially presented.

    People talking with the camera are already more relaxed - the daredevils with the S4 Zoom in their hands took the whole blow at the time. This is to say that if you suffer from a lack of attention, K Zoom is unlikely to be able to help you. And do not try to understand for whom this device? “If you are wondering, K Zoom is definitely not for you.”

    Nevertheless, you can try to determine the audience of new users - in our opinion, this is a device for people who do not want to part with the camera 24 hours a day. And at the same time and enjoy the process - because there are only three modes of use for three dozen.

    Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
    price: 22 000 rub.

    OS: Android 4.4.2
    processor: Samsung Exynos 5260 (6 cores: 4x 1.3 GHz / 2x 1.7 GHz)
    video: Mali-T624
    screen: 4.8`` , 1280x720, Super AMOLED, 306 ppi
    RAM: 2 GB
    memory: 8 GB (+ microSD - up to 64 GB)
    3G / LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC
    cameras: 20.7 / 2 MP, 10x
    battery: 2430 mAh
    dimensions, weight: 137.5x70.8x16, 6 mm, 200 g

    If we compare K Zoom with S4 Zoom as smartphones (and this comparison cannot be avoided), then the novelty is literally all better - a more powerful processor, more RAM, higher screen resolution. The upgrade is really felt - lags and bugs in the device are rare and inconspicuous. Yes, and benchmarks confirm the evolution of the smartphone.

    External changes are also noticeable - a removable cover with a la Galaxy S5 cover, the absence of a thickening of the arm under the arm, zoom rings and tripod sockets. Given the resizing - the screen has increased by half an inch - K Zoom looks a little more elegant than its predecessor. We do not specifically evaluate the appearance of new items, since both form factors are interesting in their own way. We only note that K Zoom is a clear step towards the usual, smartphone design.

    As for the camera, everything is ambiguous here. In fact, in the new product only the number of megapixels has changed - the parameter has changed from 16 to 20.7 - and as you know, today it is often just a marketing “trick”. The size of the sensor (1 / 2.3 "), an optical stabilizer and a 10x zoom, which, I must admit, is unique for this segment of devices - there are no changes here, the Galaxy S4 Zoom was the same.

    In other words, you’ve got better quality when taking pictures you won’t see - it is acceptable, but subjectively lower than that of many flagship smartphones.Let's

    go through the results of the test shooting:

    Thanks to the powerful optical zoom and manual settings, you can take dynamic pictures - when taking this photo, the maximum zoom was used.

    In contrasting scenes, autofocus does not always work correctly. An attempt to focus on a dandelion failed.

    Optical zoom again allows you to capture scenes like this one. At the same time, the image remains sharp throughout the field.

    Galaxy K Zoom has excellent color reproduction - no photo editors were used here.

    The same scene, but with maximum zoom. The photo throughout the field is sharp, color reproduction is excellent.

    The lack of a manual white balance leads to unexpected results: the tile behind the cat should not be violet-blue, but gray.

    In this picture with contrasting lighting, the camera did an excellent job - the dips in the shadows are minimal.

    Galaxy K Zoom is perfect for those who like to take landscapes - excellent color reproduction, powerful zoom, good dynamic range.

    Original photos (resolution - 20.7 megapixels)

    Of the interesting modes are quick start from a locked state (simultaneously press “camera” and “lower volume”), the ability to focus and meter exposure at different points, shooting Full HD video at 60 frames in second, manual mode - with the ability to adjust photosensitivity, shutter speed and aperture. There is also an outlet for selfie maniacs - the Selfie Alarm mode greatly simplifies the shooting of your loved one on the K Zoom main camera.

    To summarize. On the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a rather interesting device, with a powerful filling and a good photo module - many gadget fans are unlikely to be able to get past this new product. On the other hand, we would still advise demanding people to purchase two devices separately - a smartphone and a digital photo compact.

    Long-term photography will put the K Zoom battery in a matter of hours, a small amount of internal memory, a screen made using PenTile technology (by the way, yes!) - these disadvantages will not scare everyone. But here the price - from 21 thousand rubles - can greatly affect the decision to purchase, especially since S4 Zoom is now really possible to find for 10 thousand.

    However, this model cannot be called a failure - nevertheless, changes for the better are evident. The paradox, however, is that the ideal is still far. And, in principle, probably unattainable.

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    PS So the Samsung Galaxy Camera looked ...

    ... and the Galaxy S4 Zoom cameraphone, the Galaxy NX mirrorless and the second version of the Galaxy Camera that followed.

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