IXION - a new concept of a "transparent" aircraft

    Well, since it's Friday, you can dream, although this future is not so far away as it seems at first glance. Parisian design studio Technicon Design recently won the Yacht & Aviation Award with their IXION Windowless Jet Concept. The idea is to take panoramic pictures with the external cameras of the aircraft and display this image on high-resolution monitors that are mounted on the walls and ceiling of the aircraft.

    This solution allows you to use not only a picture overboard, but also any other, say, display space to guests on board, creating the effect of flying somewhere to Mars or wherever imagination wishes.

    Solar panels are mounted in the roof of the aircraft, which will help to supply such monitors with electricity, and other equipment too. According to the creators of the concept, the refusal to use windows will lead to savings in materials and easier construction of the aircraft body (are the side windows so expensive and all together will weigh more than the whole mass of monitors? - write in the comments who is knowledgeable in this matter). “The main goal of the project is simple - to challenge the modern idea of ​​flights, and offer something completely unusual, but also technically feasible. Something accessible, but causing a lot of discussion, ”says Gareth Davis, director of design at the press release.

    Concept Photos

    But Technicon Design, of course, was not the first to come to the market with this idea. Earlier in 2012, at the Paris Airshow, Airbus already presented the concept of a passenger airliner with mounted monitors throughout the cabin. And the Boston-based company Spike Aerospace went even further and is already creating such an S-512 jet, which will run along the London-New York route at a speed of 1,770 km / h and carry up to 18 passengers on board. The start of sales of the S-512 is scheduled for December 2018, the preliminary cost of £ 48'000'000.

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