All projects from the post-Soviet space on Kickstarter in one post

In this article, I have collected all the Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian projects that have ever been launched on Kickstarter. There are more and more of them every month, and my list has already grown to 104 projects. All projects with useful data and links are available in the table through Googledox.

In total, domestic projects raised $ 4,317,099 on Kickstarter. This is twice less than one OUYA and a little more than Torment: Tides of Numenera from the legendary creators of Wasteland.

Games became the most popular category with a big advantage, followed by Design and Technology.


This list cannot be complete, since projects must be launched from a resident of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Therefore, tracking domestic projects is difficult, unless the authors themselves make contact through the media. If you know more domestic projects - write in the comments, I will add.

IMPORTANT : In this Google file you can always find a constantly updated project table by me.


And now I will try to briefly talk about the added projects. In my previous hub, you can find more descriptions of 14 projects, in this hub there are 27 more.

12. Artbook by Otto Shmidt


This is a project to create an art book from a Siberian talented illustrator. It is noteworthy that the project was faced with great difficulties now at the stage of distribution of awards. Domestic customs does not want to miss artbooks and project producer Pavel Muntyan is now fighting with them.

21. Hollywood: make your own blockbuster


This edition is in English of the already popular family-owned board game Hollywood in Russia. I assisted with this project on public relations and distribution of games for reviews.

27. Looksery


This is an application that can edit your face in video in real time, and of course, can do it in photos.

36. Insomnia


RPG in the spirit of fallout, which from the second attempt successfully raised funds on Kickstarter. This is the new record holder for training camps among domestic game projects.

38. Areal A


scandalous game from an alleged team working on a Stalker. The project was closed by Kickstarter for wrapping.

62. Game Master


A very recent project that brings the atmosphere of board games of the Dungeons and Dragons genre to tablets and PCs. Fees, unfortunately, are sluggish. But this is a question for the PR department of the team, because the visual design of the project is not bad. True, the gameplay is shown very little, which can also stop backers, as well as the fact that mobile games generally do not work well on Kickstarter.

UPD Already £ 2.025

64. Lost Paradise


MMORPG, which previouslyraised 500 thousand rubles at a domestic crowdfunding site . The approach to Kickstarter was completely unsuccessful.

78. LaMetric


The life and the release of this champion among domestic projects in the Design category were monitored by the whole hub, for example, in this habrastat .

81. Rubber band machine gun


This is an auto-charged rifle in the form of a gun-gan that shoots stationery gum. And it went very well on Kickstarter.

82. Lunecase


This is a case for iPhone, which displays on its surface all the notifications of the phone, while it is powered by the radiation of the phone itself and does not require third-party charging.

86. Victoria Wallet


Another successful “magic” wallet project. Monetization of childhood =)

87. SSSSSpeaker


Project from the Kiev team. This is a flexible silicone column that most recently raised the required amount of $ 30,000. The guys sent us a prototype during the project and we shot a video review on it.

Our video review column

90. Verge


A successful project of handmade leather accessories from Ukraine.

93. Anchor of your style


This is the second successful project from the Ukrainian master, who has already raised funds for Verge leather accessories by the paragraph above. This time he is raising funds for a stylish men's bracelet with an anchor.

UPD Already over $ 27k

94. Demon Deck


Deck of demonic playing cards.



An example that one successful project does not guarantee success subsequent. Previously, the team raised funds to start production of smoked pigtail cheese in the states, but now it has not raised another snack based on the same cheese.

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding Kickstarter.

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