NImbus Clipper 2.0.4 - More options for saving information

    We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of our web clipper for Google Chrome. In the new version you will find a number of important additions, such as: marker, the ability to add task for notes and saving letters from the and hotmail / live mail services.


    Download Nimbus Clipper for Google Chrome .


    One of the main advantages of our clipper is the ability to edit saved fragments before sending to the server. You can remove / add text or remove extra pictures. In the new version, we added the Marker tool with which you can highlight particularly important fragments of the article.


    Adding Tasks

    In Nimbus Note, task lists can be added separately for each note. But if earlier you could add new tasks only from Nimbus Note applications, now you can add tasks directly from the clipper window before sending notes to the server.


    Saving letters from and Hotmail

    In the new version, we added the ability to quickly save letters from the mail services. It is enough to open the letter and press the clipper button to save the contents of the letter along with the attached files. Let me remind you that there is such an opportunity for Yandex and Gmail.


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