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    Which Russian doesn't like fast driving? I think most of the population of the largest country on the planet is grinning pretty. But, like in any other civilized country, in Russia there are law enforcement agencies, including our beloved traffic police. Their understanding of “fast driving” goes against the generally accepted, and the achievements of modern science and electronics help them to catch such “Schumacher". But the collective unconscious is also not asleep and is actively using the same achievements of electronics. Here, such a device as a radar detector comes to the aid of the "Schumacher". Well, if you met with another eminent racer and you need to prove that it was he who was to blame for the current situation? Then the DVR will help you. For this reason, hybrid devices are rapidly gaining popularity. As you may have guessed,

    This is a lightweight version of the Black Box Radar plus. The recording quality went under the knife (the device writes in HD 720), LED backlighting, the battery capacity (it became 320 mAh, and it was 550 mAh) and the price, the device costs 5,990 wooden instead of 8,990. We will solve a lot or a little in the process.


    Black Box ST comes in a glossy-coated cardboard box. On the front of the box is the device itself, above is the company logo. Proud kruglyash flaunts nearby with an inscription that the radar detector can withstand the so-called "arrow".

    On the reverse side, again, there was a photo of the device itself, and next to it was technical information.

    On the side faces on a black background shows the logo of the manufacturer.

    In addition to the device itself, the kit includes a USB cable for connecting the device to a computer, an AV cable for connecting the DVR to the TV or media systems of cars in which it is provided, a power cord that is inserted into the cigarette lighter, user manual and warranty card. The device in the instructions is described from and to, in an understandable and accessible language.

    Normal miniUSB cable for communication with a PC.

    The AV cable allows you to view the image in real time. To do this, connect the cable to the connector on the DVR, and the other end to the AV-IN connector on your screen. It is very convenient if the car has a navigator with video input, or a radio tape recorder. And the DVR can be used as a rear view camera during parking.

    In more detail it is worth telling only about the mount on the windshield and the power cord. Charger It has a rather long cable, which allows you to place the camera anywhere.

    It has a USB port for charging, for example, a phone. In my opinion, this is very convenient, especially if in the evening I forgot to charge my gadgets.

    Now a few words about the mount. It is quite compact, attached to the glass by means of a suction cup and clamp.

    The device itself is mounted on plastic “sleds” like a drawer in a nightstand.

    The mount reliably “sticks” to the glass, so that the recorder does not fall on your dashboard or on your head on potholes.

    It is worth noting that the kit does not have enough memory cards to store video, you will have to buy it separately.

    Appearance and management

    At first glance, the device really looks like a “black box”. The appearance is brutal, it is emphasized both in size (102x67x35) and color (black plastic predominates, but there are inserts from dark green), and in shapes, they are angular, but look stylish.

    By the way, I really liked the front of the device, the camera window is protected by glass and looks like a security camera. Also in front is a radar sensor.

    Black Box ST has two displays: one 2-inch folding display with a resolution of 320x240, and, in my opinion, is needed only for settings.

    And the second one is located on the back of the device and signals mainly radars and displays your current speed.

    Now let's talk about management. The registrar has two sets of buttons. One is located on top of the device and is designed to control and configure the radar detector. The second is on the sides of the hinged display. If someone thought that such a set of control elements is difficult to understand, then he is mistaken. Management is intuitive, but for those who are in the tank there is an instruction in which everything is simply perfectly described and disassembled.

    Now let's talk about the connectors, there are a lot of them. On the right side of the device are connectors for miniUSB and microUSB. The first is for connecting to a computer, the second for connecting a complete AV-cable. There is also a connector for microUSB.

    On the other hand is a connector for the charger. Without a network, the device works for 15-20 minutes at most. There is also a RESET button that resets all settings. You can get to her with a needle.

    The speaker is located below, it is necessary for signaling the presence of radars, it makes a nasty squealing sound, which becomes more frequent as it approaches the radar.

    Summarize. Highscreen Black Box ST received an excellent brutal design, which clearly will appeal to the strong half of humanity. The device looks like a laser pointer, this is facilitated not only by the color scheme, but also by the shape.

    Radar Detector and GPS

    As I already said, this device is positioned as a hybrid, that is, along with the DVR in one device there is a radar. The Highscreen Black Box ST is equipped with one of the latest radar detectors. During the tests, it was found that even the last word of the inquisition of the Strelka ST traffic police could not escape from the watchful eye of the radar detector. And the DVR warns about other cameras for 600-700 meters, which is very good. There are very few false positives, but if you think that the radar is too sensitive, then this can be corrected in the settings. When viewing, be sure to enable 720p quality or download the original recording file.

    Link to the original file .

    Also, a GPS receiver is built into the device. He also helps in tracking radars, as well as stationary traffic police posts, dangerous sections of the road. The relevant information is displayed. The base of coordinates can be updated, check the new version should be on the manufacturer's website .

    Link to the original file .

    Another feature of using GPS is that the device records the path of the car and then there is the possibility of overlay on Google Maps.

    Link to the original file .

    Everything is more complicated here. The camera is just 1 megapixel. To say that it is a pity, to say nothing. Video is recorded in 720 HD at 30 frames per second, there is a 1080 Full HD recording mode, but only 15 frames per second. It follows that the recording quality is very mediocre. Of course, the highest quality video is obtained in sunny clear weather. At night, the camera behaves terribly, the visibility of rooms is reduced to a critical point. Perhaps this is due to the not-so-fresh and little-known Syntek STK3268 video processor.

    Link to the original file .

    By the way, recording videos can be 5 and 3 minutes. The device has a G-sensor, so that during a collision, the video is saved in an indelible area.
    In general, the video is poor. Not to say that everything is very bad, but not comme il faut.


    Highscreen Black Box ST, although it is a hybrid, but in fact it is a radar detector with video recording, rather than two full-fledged devices. In combination with GPS, the radar detector will not leave a chance even to the most secretive and high-tech DPS post, so that the "noise men" can be calm. But here the device copes poorly with its second task. Several factors can be responsible for this: a small camera resolution or a not very good video processor, or maybe all together. In my opinion, this device should be positioned neither as a hybrid, but as a radar detector with the function of shooting video, because the quality of these functions is by no means equivalent. If you want to get both this and that at the highest level, then you should buy both devices separately, but then you have to buy a splitter for a cigarette lighter, there will be more money spent,

    Advantages and disadvantages

    imageGPS module and G-sensor
    imageBuilt-in radar detector
    imageBuilt - in battery
    imageHigh build quality and materials
    imageSupport for database updates

    imageNo HDMI port
    imageVideo recording in HD
    imageNarrow viewing angle

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