Smart House? Or not smart ???

    Long ago, back in the times of the USSR, in one of the books about Alice I was confronted with the concept of “smart home”.

    Well, now periodically, in the publications about the smart home, the debate begins on the topic “yes, you are not smart!” ...

    We will understand the question?

    Cave people

    In general, all these smart houses are just human laziness!
    Well, seriously!
    The whole history of housing - the fight against laziness! Or struggle for laziness.

    Mankind invented something in life, so as not to stumble on stones on the floor in the dark, not to run outside when it was impatient, not to hang around 24 hours a day for firewood for heating and cooking, etc. etc.

    Took a cave - cold.
    Curtain the entrance so as not to muzzle - dark.
    A fire was kindled - kinda and lighter and warmer, but smoke.
    They made a hood over the hearth - but you get tired of warming up the whole volume, and you also want light.
    They made small houses so as not to heat the excess, but dark.
    Hacked through the window - it became light. But blowing.
    Inserted mica, bullish bubbles, etc. etc. - the barrel disappeared. But dull and unsharp. And stuffy.
    Developed opening windows with glass. But at night garbage.
    Firewood for lighting can not be enough - invented lamps.
    Lamps better hang above, but it is necessary to light. And change.
    They invented lowering suspensions, and then all sorts of gas and electric.

    Well, etc. etc. - only less garbage to suffer in everyday life.

    In fact, the modern “smart home” is just another round of improvements and simplification of life:
    Yes, now you don’t need to run behind the beams, you don’t need to unscrew the lamp to turn it off, but you can turn it off or turn it on via the Internet from another end of the world!
    Yes, now you don’t have to go to the theater or switch the TV up from the couch - the remote control or smartphone will cope more successfully.
    Yes, we do not run into the woods for firewood, do not turn the heaters on with handles, etc. - the house will cope on its own.

    Smart or not smart ???

    The dog is man's friend

    “Oh, what a clever little dog you have - brings a stick! And mine can only bark at cats! ”
    “ Oh, you have a brilliant doggie — such tricks are performed! And my only for a stick running! "
    " What a smart parrot you have! Is talking! And my dog ​​only brings newspapers and sneakers! ”

    And these are clever animals, but they still think that man is smarter! (There are exceptions. But oh well!)

    Yes, I do not argue - it’s still far from a person’s houses.
    But in comparison with your average "cave" abode - our house gives the impression of being smarter!

    Here you leave the house.
    Go through all the rooms - to turn off the light. Then another half-day of nervousness turned off the iron and the kettle and did it put out the lights?

    When I leave home, I press the button and the house begins “conservation”: it turns off the light, turns off the unnecessary devices, etc. IMHO - my smarter!
    If I doubt - through the Internet I open the terminal and clarify if there is any shit. Yours can't.
    If crap happens, the house will signal to me. Well, eat pillagers if that.
    From the stop, I give the command and for the arrival the kettle is already hot. If you have no wife at home, this is valuable!
    Etc. etc.

    I'm not saying that I have a genius. I have seen a bunch of brilliant scripts to simplify some things that I cannot yet apply.
    But compared to the usual "cave for life" - my like a trained dog in comparison with the usual decorative!

    Live with the mind!

    And here we come to the most important thing.
    In fact, here “someone has moved the letters against any rules in the word of the letter!”
    It is not quite true to say “smart home” - rather, it is “smart home”!
    Or "house by clever."

    In the magazine "Radio" "even then" there were articles about "smart automation" in the house.
    Why pay for the light constantly, if you can turn it on at one end of the corridor and turn it off at the other?
    Why click the switch if you can put a presence sensor?
    Why run to the gate if you can make a speakerphone?
    Why put up with heat and cold if you can put together a thermostat ???
    Etc. etc.
    Do not be dumb - be smart and throw off some of the worries on the technique!

    In our apartment from the 80s there was a “smart” storage room - the light turned on when we went inside. Nothing complicated - stupidly Soviet "mikrik" to open the circuit to the lamp when closing the door.
    For almost forty years in the storeroom, the light bulb was changed twice !!! Mikrik took off just a year ago when replacing the doors!
    Yes, not to say that the brain chamber at this automation, but life has simplified for almost forty years !!!

    The grandfather in the late 90s put pass switches in his bedroom.
    Not automatic, but at night to turn off the light do not have to get up!

    Automatic curtains, infa from washerki, remotely controlled light, adjustable heating and cooling ...
    Yes, yes! They are not Einsteins!
    But let live a little smarter than the rest!


    I will not argue - smart is my home or not.
    He is definitely smarter than the homes of many other people.
    It is brilliant compared to the caves.
    He "does not pull" to smart houses from fiction ...

    He is a comfortable house.
    A home that facilitates some everyday little things in life.
    Yes, he does not think about me in the truest sense of the word. But he cares about my convenience ...

    So, everyone has their own “cleverness” border.
    And before it is contemptuous to write that the radio dimmer is not a smart home - stand up and walk to the switch!
    To Klava was visible.
    Maybe a radio button and not a smart home - but compared to it - yours does not pull!

    As an epilogue ...

    “Island of the Rusty General” Kir Bulychev
    In the morning, the alarm clock is on tiptoe, looks out the window. Although he remembers what the weather promised, he never gets in the way of checking. If you do not take into account the weather, you can make a mistake with the awakening of the child.

    The alarm clock sees: the wind is blowing outside the window, birch trees are bending, fast gray clouds are running across the sky. But there is no rain and is not expected. Then the alarm clock connects to the home computer and asks for the following data: what lessons does Alice have at school today, and it is very important to find out which ones Alice loves and which ones she just endures? What did the housekeeper do for breakfast today? Didn't Alice quarrel yesterday with any of your friends?

    These are all not empty questions. The alarm clock should know: what sound should he wake up his mistress today?

    Finally the information is collected. It turns out that Alice is tolerant of overcast weather, they haven’t asked any lessons today, because the summer holidays started, the housekeeper prepared herculesis porridge, which Alice does not tolerate, but with cherry jam, which Alice adores. Yesterday, Alice did not quarrel with anyone, except for a purely scientific dispute with Arkasha Sapozhkov and anxiety over Pashka Geraskin, who immediately after the last lesson rushed off to Ecuador, because he traded in the next class a secret treasure map, buried in 1560 by the conquistador Juan Montagna, and returned home, all scratched, bitten by mosquitoes, only at eleven o'clock in the evening. And, of course, without a treasure.

    After thinking over and weighing all the information, the alarm clock turned to Alice and performed on the clarinet the old aviation march “Higher and higher, and higher, we strive for the flight of our birds!”, Since it is this tune, and exactly on the clarinet, best suited for wake up Alice.

    From the sound of the march, Alice opened her eyes, stretched out and thought: “Why is this such a good mood?” The alarm clock sensed her mood and smiled inwardly because he could not smile outwardly.

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