Python-digest # 35. News, interesting projects, articles and interviews [July 27, 2014 - August 03, 2014]

    The digest was published earlier, but for certain reasons it was excluded from the Habra, but now it was decided to return it back.
    The next release of news from the world of Python.
    For the illustration for the post, as before, we thank owlman75 , as well as alrusdi for the idea of ​​digests and for the fact that I can still publish these digests for you.
    In this issue, we have such interesting news gathered here: some fresh vulnerabilities in django, in releases the second release candidate Django 1.7, APScheduler 3.0, Pylint 1.3 / Astroid 1.2, django-extensions 1.3.9, boto 2.32.0 and many more interesting libraries and articles to study.


    Articles and interviews

    Interesting projects, tools, libraries


    • Django 1.7 RC2
      Second Release Candidate Django 1.7 In this release, Django has undergone numerous changes. The most significant are: updating migration schemes, improving validation tools, reorganizing the initialization and loading paths of the application, and also searching and loading user databases.
    • boto 2.32.0
      The release includes backward compatibility support for Python 3.3 and 3.4, IPv6 support, Amazon VPC peer-to-peer connections, Amazon SNS message attributes, new regions for Amazon Kinesis, and several fixes.
    • Pylint 1.3 / Astroid 1.2
      A large list of new checks and fixes. This is the latest release with python support below 2.7
    • APScheduler 3.0
      Management system and deferred task execution. It has intersection points with Celery, but is not an alternative to it. The article provides all the details by reference.
    • django-extensions 1.3.9
      The main release is aimed at improving compatibility with django 1.7

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