Wyvern: NSA-sponsored new universal programming language

    Carnegie Mellon University, with support from the US National Security Agency, is developing a new universal programming language, Wyver (named after the mythological dragon-like creature with two legs). It is assumed that he will be able to replace HTML, CSS, XML, Java and other languages.

    A feature of Wyver as a tool, according to development researcher Jonathan Aldrich, is its ability to predict which language the programmer actually writes based on the types of data that he manipulates. For example, if Wyver determines that a programmer is working with a database, then most likely he does it in SQL.

    The NSA, however, sees this language as an opportunity to ensure the security of its own resources and sites of American companies due to the fact that there will be one language. Aldrich also says that "the language is designed to help developers be as productive as possible when they write highly reliable applications."

    At the moment, the language is in the prototype stage, code samples and working materials are posted on Github .

    via Motherboard .

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