Budget consumables for the engraver

Some time ago I received a welcome gift - an engraver. Dremel 4000. On the box proudly flaunted the inscription "65 nozzles." In fact, 20 of them turned out to be discs for cutting plastic, so the variety was not at all what it might seem. Given the completely inhuman pricing policy of this manufacturer and its Russian dealers, I had to surf the Internet. Native nozzles, taking into account the cost of delivery at a price, were catching up with the option “go to Leroy and buy”, and the range was also frustrating. Therefore, I had to look in the direction of China. There were a lot of interesting things.

Inspired by the Meklon post, I decided to try to share the buns with the habrasociety. I have already tried some of them, some are waiting in line. Long thought to make links to specific lots on ebay. On the one hand, I observed an allergy to such links on the hub On the other hand, the links are not referral at all, I’m not the seller, but the post with the description of the nozzles, their photos, but without the “where to buy” links, seems flawed. It’s like “I know where a delicious real sausage is sold, but I won’t say it.”


There was a 3.2 mm collet in the kit (and another one that I never used, because there are no nozzles in the kit for it). And a drill. The same 3.2 mm. But i.e. we kind of like a tool for fine work and in the kit a 3.2 mm drill. It’s a pity that it’s not a figure eight on concrete.

What is the staff in stores?

Cam chuck 4486:

You can insert drills 628 into it:

Or use a set of wood drills for a 3.2 mm collet:

The chuck has a not-so-good design. As I understand it, the drill is clamped pointwise, the area of ​​the contact spot is small, the speed is large, there is a "bounce" of the drill. In addition, on the manufacturer’s website there are a lot of reviews in the style of "out of curiosity I completely twisted the cartridge without a drill, and he no longer wants to spin back."

What do the Chinese offer?

For example, here are such sets:

Visually, bounce is invisible, brass drills remarkably. How many thousands of holes in the PCB can make one drill before wear - I do not know, I have not tried it. But if you need to make several (tens) of different small holes - a great option.

I ordered on ebay from the seller sz_butterfly - he constantly has lots with a fixed price and regularly holds auctions with a low starting price (and not increased by 15 times the cost of delivery). A plastic stand box was included.


What is the staff in stores?

Milling cutters. A bunch of cutters of various sizes and (sort of) appointments. A number of diamond-coated nozzles. You can open the catalog or website of the manufacturer and look there.

Everything is great, if not for one thing but - the price. For example, such a wonderful nozzle Dremel 7105 (4.4 mm, 2.4 mm shank - the very second collet in the set) costs only 800 rubles for 2 pieces.

And what do the Chinese offer?

To get started, I ordered a set of a variety of diamond-coated drill bits . Just to understand what I need. 180 rubles with delivery:

It turned out that this is a great thing. you can draw thin (and not only) lines on metal and glass. Surely and plastic. Something like this:

IMPORTANT !!! When working, be sure to use respiratory protection. I used a regular gauze dressing and constantly wiped the product with a wet rag. When working, quite a lot of very fine dust is formed. I doubt that the lungs will be delighted with such a gift.

In the work, I really liked the spherical shape of the nozzle, because it is easiest for it to withstand good accuracy. So I found myself the Diamond Round Ball Burr Bit Set:

Or these (300 rubles, free shipping): I have

n’t ordered yet. I don’t know why I’m stupid.

Just a month ago, the choice was just that - either you buy your own Dremel consumables for 500-1000 rubles per item, or you order from the Chinese. And about 2-3 weeks ago in Leroy (I have it near the office, we regularly go there to look for something tasty) and budget consumables for the engraver appeared (for example, mini-sets of diamond drills). So the meaning of the pending delivery fell somewhat.

Offtopic: In addition, canvases appeared just as suddenly there, to what the English-language Internet calls the oscillating tool, and here it is called whatever you like, right up to the electric broom

I hope this post helps someone try to do something with their own hands. This is an interesting process.

Offtopic 2: I also ran into the problem of finding metal for work. I needed brass. In Moscow, a bunch of plants are ready to sell wonderful strips or sheets of brass. From 5000 rubles. Preferably legal entity. from 10 to 17 hours. As a result, on the second attempt, I bought what was needed at a non-ferrous metal collection point.

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