Online notes: (for) ultimate perfection

    All that an ordinary user of a regular online notes service needs : leave a note in memory and, at the right moment, return to it.

    But what about formatting text, inserting images, video and audio, file attachments, task lists, hierarchies of folders and notebooks, all these cute little bells and whistles designed to decorate the user's life?

    How many “very useful” features will be sufficient for a successful note service?

    Our working hypothesis is that this is exactly the same set of functions that is minimally necessary for implementing the note service:
    • create and save just text ;
    • instantly find a saved note in the dump of many others.

    Some details of the proposed solution

    In a previous publication, we discussed the choice of a successful visual metaphor for a bookmarking service and its implementation in the TheOnlyPage web service (a service for storing and manipulating elementary pieces of information).

    Naturally, notes in TheOnlyPage service are presented to users according to the same template as bookmarks . Above: search bar; on the left navigation bar: last saved selections by text fragments and color marks; the central place is: a list of notes, sorted by the time you view / edit / create a note.

    Required notesinstantly filtered out when you enter text in the search bar .


    In this case, suitable words from the ones used in the user's notes are suggested.

    One click on the title of the note - opens it and allows you to read the text of the note.


    Double-clicking on a note opens an editing form:


    No markup of text, no attachments and todo lists are provided.

    The only deviation from the presentation of bare text is the automatic replacement of found Internet addresses with active Internet links.

    As the ancient Romans used to say: Sapienti sat (lat., Smart enough).

    You can initiate the creation of a new note by clicking the New Note button, but if the text of the note is found on the network, it is more convenient to use a special bookmarklet .

    Bookmarklet example

    The bookmarklet for creating new bookmarks, notes and pictures can be set by simply dragging and dropping a special link to the bookmarks bar of your browser. Read more about installing the bookmarklet in the online documentation .

    As an example: saving quotes from the advertising page on .

    To save the text you like, you just need to select it on the page,


    click on the bookmarklet’s link and, possibly, activate the Notes tab. The selected text and the address of the page from which the quote was taken will be automatically inserted


    in the Text field . In the Signature field, the page title is substituted.

    By clicking the View button , you can see how the note will look.


    After clicking the Create button, a new note will be created, saved as a fragment of plain text, without any “add-ons”. That, perhaps, we will help to concentrate on the main thing, on the very essence of the saved text, on the text itself .

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