Why mobile communications are not safe by default


    Sometimes you sit at your desk, stretch out, without looking, your hand to your mobile phone, and suddenly bam - he is not in place. You rummage through your pockets, check in a backpack, in a jacket - nowhere else. Maybe he left it in the car, or even at home? A similar feeling happens when you can not find the keys to the apartment: while experiencing a slight panic. No wonder: we no longer imagine life without a phone and always rely on mobile communications. This means that the danger of exploiting vulnerabilities in mobile technologies threatens each of us.

    Recently, we published an article “ Listening to Ukrainian mobile phones: how this is done and how to protect yourself”, Which caused a lot of controversy and questions. At the request of readers, we decided to develop this topic, and now you can ask questions to one of the authors of this article, Dmitry Kurbatov, during the "live" webinar, which will be held on Thursday August 7 at 2 p.m. on the website of Positive Technologies.

    To register, as well as see the recordings of our past webinars on current topics of information security, you can here - www.ptsecurity.ru/lab/webinars/

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