Explore the Moon and Mars is now possible using Google Maps

    Yesterday, the developers of Google Maps published interesting news . Now you can study the nearest neighbors of the Earth, while it comes to the Moon and Mars, using the Google Maps service.

    To get started, you need to reduce the map to a minimum until our planet turns into a blue dot, and then click the Explore button. After that, you can start exploring the Moon or Mars, by choice.

    The principle of operation is the same as in the case of a virtual "trip" on our planet: we increase the surface of the object and look at the ancient cities of Martian sights in the form of craters and other interesting objects.

    The developers have collected a huge number of images of Mars, in particular those made by the Curiosity rover, as well as no fewer photos of the moon's surface.

    All in all, have a nice trip :)

    PS Who can’t reduce, click this link .

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