Potato Salad Raises $ 55,500 on Kickstarter

    Not quite in the topic of it, but, nevertheless, I think that this should be flashed on Habr, because Kickstarter periodically collects money for projects that differ only in that their authors skillfully shoot videos and make beautiful promises.


    In early July, at a well-known kickstarter, a certain Zack Brown (Zack Danger Brown) asked users of the service $ 10 for potato salad . I do not think that even he himself assumed that at the end of the fundraising company the amount would exceed the expected more than 5,000 times.

    It is worth noting that during the passage of the fundraising Zack posted videos that parody other users offering their "important" projects.

    The amount received is supposed to hold the PotatoStock festival, which will feed all those in need, as well as make a donation to the Columbus Foundation.

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