Hundreds of broken sites, or how forgot to renew their SSL certificate

Tonight I witnessed a rather interesting situation.

At approximately 11:50 p.m. Moscow time, the code using the JQuery library stopped executing on the pages of my service.

After some research into the problem, I was able to find out that this incident is directly related to the expired SSL certificate of the domain, which I use to connect jquery on my website.

And more specifically, the browser throws an exception when trying to download data (in particular files) from a domain whose SSL certificate is invalid.

In my projects, I use an external link to connect the latest version of the JQuery library: / jquery-latest.min.js

The problem was solved in about half an hour, at the moment the certificate has been renewed exactly one year in advance.
The picture clearly shows that the certificate is valid from 07/31/2014 to 07/31/2015, although some time ago the numbers were completely different.


I believe that this funny incident will be a lesson for all those who use any external libraries on their pages, avoiding such errors will allow them to sleep a little calmer.

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