PFLink: Effective Link Enhancement Through Custom Transitions

    ALTWeb Group's blog traditionally talks about the latest in automation systems in the digital industry. This time, we will talk about our product, which has recently left the beta testing stage, but with three thousand projects on board. Meet: PFLink, an automated environment for link building campaigns.

    PFLink - a professional and modern service for e-commerce

    Traditionally, the method of link enhancement is usually called the “wrapping up” of links clicks, however, this is where the PFLink system differs significantly from similar tools. As a rule, “cheats” are black SEO methods designed to give quick returns at a short distance, after which the site becomes unusable - most often it falls under the filters and in some cases cannot be restored.

    Completely different goals are achieved using the PFLink system. Designed for use on sites with well-functioning analytics and already existing traffic, this tool comes to the aid of SEO specialists when the main promotion work has already been launched and the search for finer-functioning professional promotion tools is included.

    The PFLink algorithm is based on the principles of BrowseRank and methods for assessing user behavior. Although ranking based on link mass is still relevant, there are obvious “corrections” that search engines make to the search results based on user behavior, including clickthroughs. Read more about this on the PFLink blog .

    How does PFLink work?

    You enter into the system your project and the addresses of pages that link to you. After the launch of the campaign, the system generates and distributes tasks to users, based on the adequacy of each user to the parameters of your Internet resource: geo-targeting, gender, age, interests.

    The average cost of a link now is 5-10 rubles. However, due to the fact that search engines every now and then announce a partial loss of trust in the link mass, or even completely cancel the link ranking, some large link exchanges and aggregators are starting to offer the so-called “traffic links”. In theory, such a link should be clickable due to the fact that it is better visible to the user.

    We’ll be true to ourselves: in 90% of cases, the user did not click on such links and was not going to start doing it. If you order only 1 transition per month via a regular link from an inexpensive price category using the PFLink service, you can significantly improve the return on the link budget: at lower costs, you get the same, and sometimes greater return on your efforts to work with the link mass.

    Expert Opinions

    Nikolay Khivrin, ALTWeb Group
    BrowseRank has long been used by search engines in ranking sites, but recently its influence has increased significantly. As can be seen from Yandex research, in 2013 they actively engage in this technology, releasing the work of Fresh BrowseRank .

    Arthur Latypov, SEO Intelligence
    We in the SEO department have long been using link strengthening with clicks. Many do not attach importance to this. Now this is a necessary measure. I recommend that you carefully consider the entire strategy for link growth and include links to it.


    The tendency to abandon link ranking and the transition to ranking based on data on user behavior creates a demand for promotion methods that are alternative to the existing ones or supplement them.

    The PFLink service, which provides natural transitions to links, allows you to get the same return from the link mass in the new conditions, while maintaining the usual volume of the link budget.

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