PHPCI updated to version 1.3

    I hasten to inform you that today the continuous integration system PHPCI , which I already talked about on the hub , has been updated to version 1.3.

    Basically, this update contains bug fixes and UI improvements, but there are some interesting innovations:

    • Assembly statuses now support SVG format
    • New Atlassian HipChat integration plugin added
    • Added new XMPP notification plugin
    • Many project subsystems were refactored to facilitate testing and improve code quality
    • Fixed many bugs with SSH keys, as well as bugs in various plugins (phpunit, composer, behat, phploc, etc.)

    At the moment when the last article about PHPCI was written, the project version was 1.1, so in the end I want to briefly list also the innovations that came with version 1.2:

    • Added new PHPDocblockChecker plugin for checking PHPDoc comments in projects
    • Added a new plugin for working with SQLite DB
    • Added section for editing user profile with the ability to change the name and password, as well as password recovery
    • The first steps (for the future) have been taken to launch PHPCI in a Docker container with different versions of PHP
    • And again, many bugs fixed

    Thanks for attention)

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