How to respond to freelance projects

    Hello, in the article I would like to give some comments and recommendations on how to respond to projects on freelance. The opinion will be subjective, based on my considerable experience (a screenshot with the statistics above) of working with freelancers (programmers, typesetters, designers, illustrators). In the comments, I would also like to get tips from other users.

    The goal is to start getting a little more adequate answers to your projects. There is a feeling that I often did not cooperate with cool specialists just because of their poor quality response.

    It is important that the use of these recommendations does not guarantee that you will be elected, but only increases the chances of it.

    Read the task description carefully

    I almost always deliberately make some kind of mistake in the description of the problem, and those candidates who discovered it always get more points. A person who can delve into and think will always do better than someone in a hurry. By the way, this is a very popular technique.

    Give a specific answer to a specific question

    In the job description, I always give full information about the project. In exchange, I ask candidates to indicate what budget they want and what terms they need. At the same time, I understand that this is still an approximate assessment.

    Half of the responding people still do not give a concrete answer to a specific question, but I propose to calculate it myself. It’s not difficult for me to calculate according to your formulas, but I immediately get the impression that the person didn’t even look at the job description properly.

    Work with negative reviews

    Firstly, only one who does nothing at all does not mow. Secondly, I understand very well that there are “inadequate” customers. The way you reacted to a negative review, how you behaved, how you commented on it is one of the most powerful factors characterizing you.

    For example, this person (picture above) has almost 100 positive reviews and only one negative. Personally, I would conclude from this negative review that the person is adequate and adult. In practice, this was confirmed.

    Do not give copy-paste as an answer

    Very often, I see the same human response in several of our projects. And immediately it begins to seem that he is not even reading TK. And I want to find someone who will delve into my idea or problem. By the way, pay attention to how much unnecessary information a person writes to me.

    No need to argue about the budget

    Freelance pricing is a very subjective thing. I got super work for little money and full thrash for a good budget. All people have different situations, different regions of residence. If the budget is not suitable for you, then starting a dialogue with an attempt to immediately increase it is a bad move.

    No need to spam everywhere

    It was already almost normal for me to write at the end of the task “Please leave answers only here, do not write to me in the mail, skype, etc.” Firstly, it’s more convenient to look at all the candidates on one page with the ability to compare them than to extract your texts from the mail yourself and drive them into the table. And by phone it is very difficult to see your level of work, no matter how colorful you describe it.

    And again, if you haven’t read or have read, but scored the last sentence, it gives you a bad first impression.

    Ask us questions

    I know very well that only by starting the real work you can fully understand all the subtleties and nuances. But the more you ask implicit and useful questions, the more we will believe in your experience and logic.

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