A couple more plugins for Redmine

    Well, we continue to finish Redmine according to our needs in order to improve usability and expand the functionality.
    This time, 2 plugins were developed: time tracking in projects with hourly pay and employee rating.

    Time tracking plugin redmine_centosadmin_timing

    In order to expand the company's services, an hourly service system was introduced. This is interesting for those customers who do not want constant support and who need to perform some tasks upon request. In this case, a package of hours is bought, which is then spent as applications are completed.

    Putting a plugin is very simple.

    We clone the code from the repository to the plugins folder.
    In our case, it looks like this:
    git clone git://github.com/olemskoi/redmine_centosadmin_timing.git /opt/redmine/plugins

    We put the necessary gems:
    bundle install

    We do the plugin migration:
    bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate

    Restart redmine.

    Our plugin appeared on the module selection page in the project settings:

    On the main page of the project settings, a field was added to indicate the prepaid stock of time:

    Now, for any activity in the project tasks, the time spent by the employee is deducted from the prepaid stock.
    When the stock reaches the balance of 1 hour, the client will receive a mail notification about this.

    Employee rating plugin redmine_centosadmin_rating

    The third plugin was decided to develop for the convenience of feedback. So that the client can rate the performer, as well as comment on his work. This helps to better understand the situation about the quality of service, allows the manager to immediately see the likely conflict points. And, of course, the estimated statistics allows you to see the quality of the employees' work, which has become very important with their number more than 10 and with more than 150 support projects. With smaller numbers, it was still possible to cope manually.

    So, installing the plugin is as simple as possible.
    We clone the code from the repository into the folder with the plugin:
    git clone git://github.com/olemskoi/redmine_centosadmin_rating.git /opt/redmine/plugins

    We put gems:
    bundle install

    We perform the migration:
    bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate

    It is also possible to enable notifications about the need to evaluate closed tasks.
    If required, then do:
    cd /opt/redmine/plugins/redmine_centosadmin_rating && whenever -i

    Restarting Redmine.

    A new plugin appeared in the list of modules:

    When updating a ticket, a new block appeared:

    Due to the fact that there can be several artists in a ticket, the estimated artist can be selected at the user's discretion.

    All ratings and comments are reflected in the ticket itself and on the summary activity page in Redmine.
    The average user rating is displayed on his page.

    At the moment there are several more ideas for plugins, I will write about them as they are implemented.

    For help in the development, I thank Kernel Web in general and Maxim Konin in particular.

    Posted by Alexander Khaustov, Technical Director, centos-admin.ru

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