Linux and LibreOffice installed in Valencia's schools, government, and courts

    A couple of days ago, the European Commission announced that the French Toulouse saved 1 million euros by replacing the proprietary MS Office with free LibreOffice. The upgrade lasted a year and a half, and part of the money saved by Toulouse will be transferred to LibreOffice developers.

    And today is another piece of news that demonstrates the enormous potential for saving budget funds when switching to Open Source products.

    The Department of the Autonomous Region of Valencia (Spain) has released a new version of Lliurex - a localized version of the Edubuntu Linux distribution. This distribution is installed on 110,000 school computers in the region. With the release of the new version on June 14, the authorities noted the success of the project and noticed that over the past 9 years, Lliurex has already saved the state about 36 million euros.

    Among the features of June 14 is the new LliureX-Lab program, which allows the teacher to use multimedia and interactive elements on several computers in the class during the lesson, broadcast his screen to the students' displays, and launch group video conferences to help students solve tasks.

    Lliurex is available in corporate, school and home versions. Perhaps the teacher through video chat helps to solve homework.

    By the way, 120,000 computers in state institutions of Valencia were transferred to LibreOffice a year ago, including computers in schools and courts. The Director General of Information and Computer Technologies of Valencia said that it would save 1.5 million euros per year in licensing fees. She also emphasized that LibreOffice has support for the Valencian dialect, which is absent in MS Office.

    PS And at that time, Los Angeles schools spent another $ 115 million on the purchase of additional iPads. As they say, to whom what.

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