Jelastic - Cloud Java Hosting. Usage statistics for Tomcat, GlassFish, and Jetty servers. The popularity of Java 6 vs Java 7

    As promised earlier, we provide statistics on web application servers for Java. Statistics show the current server utilization in the Jelastic cloud-based Java Hosting platform . The statistical sample involved more than 2,000 environments. In fairness, it is worth noting that GlassFish and Jetty servers were added later. This fact affects the final statistics. However, we must show the current state in order to analyze the changes next month.

    Distribution of servers in the regions of North America and Europe.

    Summary table
     EuropeNorth americaTotal
    Tomcat 673%66%72%
    Tomcat 712%thirteen%12%
    Glassfish 312%14%12%
    Jetty 63%7%4%

    Java 6 and 7 usage statistics

    It is also interesting to analyze the use of different versions of Java. Given the fact that Java 7 support was added later, current statistics show a relatively high percentage of Java 7

    usage. Java 6 and 7 usage by region

    Summary table
     EuropeNorth americaTotal
    Java 691%86%90%
    Java 79%14%10%

    About the future

    In the following monthly statistical reports, we will display the delta of change for the month.
    If you have suggestions for improving statistics, we will be glad to hear your wishes. Also, soon Jetty 7 support will be added. And maybe we will provide statistics on memory usage by different applications.

    You can quickly track our news via Twitter @Jelastic
    We are always happy to hear your wishes, criticism or just good words.

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