Three startups we learned about last winter

    While everyone is vying with each other trying to justify their IMHO regarding the efficiency of the Moscow Startup Battle as part of TechCrunch Moscow, we decided to find the easiest way to determine it: just look at the result of the last battle.

    A complete list of participants is here . And in this post - about the third part of this list. You may already have heard the names of these projects: SpeakToIt , Zingaya and Yam Labs .

    Details about all three projects and about the bonuses that he got after the battle - under the cut.

    The Yam Labs project (second place at last year's TechCrunch) offers services for preparing, conducting and monitoring meetings and meetings.
    In the spring of 2011, the Foresight Ventures venture fund bought a stake in the project for $ 500 thousand (the Foresight Ventures fund invests in innovative IT and Hi-Tech projects at the seed and early stages).

    The Zingaya project (click-to-call widget) conducted the first investment round, receiving $ 1.15 million in investment. Now the project is based in London, among its clients are Qiwi, S7 Airlines, and plans include integration with Yandex.
    Nostalgic: the post of the project on the blog “I am PR”. SpeakToIt

    Project, who proposed the use of a virtual assistant in a mobile phone, became a member of the Herring Top 100 Europe list and won the Stanford SSE LAbs Demo Day. In addition, the authors of the project finally released a full version of the service, which can already be tested on their own smartphone.
    Nostalgic: post project Wanted.VC blog.

    We continue to monitor startups-ouders of Startup Battle-2010 (I suggest boldly writing all comments that we lost sight of) and register participants for Startup Battle - 2011.

    UPD The first additions from the audience have already arrived:

    Project that allows you to make objects inside the video interactive and clickable) received the first investment before participating in Startup Battle, in 2009. Already in 2010, before the premiere of the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia”, the 20th Century FOX film company announced a trailer for the RuTube film: “On the eve of the premiere, we are glad that viewers will be able to watch the trailer for the film in the format of an interactive video from on”.
    In February, the author of the project modestly noted: “Well, as for Actio, I would not be in a hurry to summarize even the intermediate results.” Instead of the authors, others summed up the intermediate results: on June 14th of this year, the project received the People's Choice Award at the European Microsoft Bizspark Summit in Brussels.

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