Massachusetts Technology Students Add 3D Scanner to 3D Printer

    They did this in order to teach the 3D printer to continue printing due to a failure or error. A team of students at the Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT) modified the Soliodoodle 3D printer with an inexpensive ($ 26) laser and $ 30 webcam.

    A laser attached to the print head shines through the space to control the presence of elevations above the printed layer. A webcam captures changes in the beam path, and a computer simulates an object in print.

    This can be considered built-in to the OTC 3D printer, but also the technology allows you to print ready-made objects or complete interrupted printing operations.

    Unfortunately, Engadget writes , students have no plans to turn their development into a commercial scanner as soon as possible. But we can expect that such devices will appear in new generations of 3D printers.

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