Happy System Administrator Day

    Today is doubly a pleasant day: firstly, today is Friday. Secondly, today is the last Friday of July, which means today is the day of the system administrator. Therefore, accept our warm congratulations, gentlemen, comrades and friends, toilers of a tambourine and twisted pair! Let your servers fall as little as possible, and users come across sensible, flexible and unobtrusive.

    In ancient times, system administrators were unusual, bearded, wild. And, in general, it was not clear what they were doing. Well, yes, the wires were pulled, computers were set up, conjured. And then they hid in the server room. And the people were afraid of them, chuckled and did not understand at all.

    Years passed, the population got used to computers, the Internet, overgrown with smartphones and tablets. The problems and concerns of system administrators have become much clearer and closer to the broad masses of users. But, as they say, spoons were found, but the sediment remained. Along with programmers, the profession of system administrator has grown, perhaps, the largest number of myths and prejudices in the field of IT. Some of them are really not without foundation, some have long been out of date. Although, in fairness, if you try, you can find the appropriate IT mythology. Such real seasoned system administrators do not do such anymore, yes, there were people in our time. Actually, what are we talking about - but all about the same thing, about myths. After consulting with each other and with our system administrators, we compiled a list of the most popular templates by which people judge this profession:

    1. System administrators are constantly very busy.

    2. All system administrators are unkempt, bearded, go in shapeless sweaters and worn jeans.

    3. The system administrator should be able to do EVERYTHING: build a network, maintain a website, program in any language, repair mobile phones, irons, kettles, cars, wash floors and make coffee.

    4. The real sysadmin recognizes only Linux, everything else masday.

    5. All system administrators are lazy, you must constantly ask them and force them to do something.

    6. When the admin asks you to enter a password, he simply pretends that he does not know him.

    7. Sysadmins live either in server rooms, or in utility rooms littered with all kinds of electronic junk and cables.

    8. Any system administrator can reduce the annual balance to 1C.

    9. Telepathy and tambourine - the main tools that help the administrator diagnose and solve problems.

    10. 90% of the time sysadmins play counter-strike and read other people's mail, only occasionally coming off to configure the printer and install drivers.

    11. The main joys in the life of the system administrator: beer, boobs and cats.

    12. The system administrator can crack any program, including the Pentagon security system.

    13. To solve any problem, just call the administrator with powerful karma, everything will immediately work by itself.

    14. The real system administrator repairs the server with one hit, if it does not help, then it beats a tambourine.

    15. The only person the admin really fears is the chief accountant.

    We do not know about you, but our admins are definitely not like that. We invite everyone to share in the comments funny stories that happened with familiar system administrators or with you yourself if you are a system administrator. Just do not copy-paste!

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