ViMove system will help you understand what is wrong with your back

    ViMove Kit 

    Nowadays, a lot of people spend a huge amount of time at the computer and papers. Of course, a sedentary lifestyle does not lead to good, experts from specialized sites / medical channels and other resources remind us of this almost every day.

    One of us is trying to avoid back problems by doing warm-ups, exercises, exercising in the gym, running in the mornings and evenings. But still, even in this case, the back, it happens, hurts.

    And not every doctor will immediately tell you what the reason is. The other day, information about the ViMove system appeared on the Web - this is a set of sensors and software, a system that allows you to understand what is wrong with the back and how to fix it.

    Human back mobility monitoring system 

    In total, ViMove has three sensors that are mounted in the lower back. With their help, in real time you can control your posture, or watch what loads are now on your spine and muscles of the lumbar. If desired, the sensors can not be removed, but left for a while at the computer to assess the load on the spine and tension in the constantly working muscle group all in the same lumbar region.

    Sensors transmit information to a receiver that captures and processes all this. And already from the receiver, the received information can be redirected to a PC, where all the information is shown in a very clear form. As mentioned above, there is the ability to track some data in real time. In principle, this system allows you to form the correct posture, if it is not the way it should be.

    For the user, such a device can be useful, by itself, but generally speaking, it is intended for doctors who can diagnose various kinds of problems with the patient’s lower back / back.

    The system itself was created by an Australian company, and has already passed all the necessary tests in this country. So we can expect a quick release of the device to the market.

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