ICFPC 2014 Coming Soon

    Last year I wrote an article about ICFPC 2013. The time has come about ICFPC 2014.

    For those who still do not know what it is, this is an international computer science Olympiad (contest), which takes place once a year, and coincides with the ICFP functional programming conference ( winners of the Olympiad receive a free conference ticket). Tasks can be absolutely any, to solve them in a functional language is completely optional, anyone will do.

    This year the event will be held from July 25, 12:00 UTC until July 28, 12:00 UTC. The organizers of the Olympiad are different every year, this year it is organized by Oxford University, and the tasks will be here .

    As usual, anyone can participate, in any language, in any team, and with any number of devices of any power. No registration is needed, at least not before the start. What will happen then no one knows except the organizers.

    The list of tasks at the previous ICFPC
    2009 - we manage satellites, we go out to the necessary orbits, we are joined with each other.
    2010 - everything was described as the production of cars and fuel for them, but, in the end, it all came down to programming circuits on ternary logic.
    2011 - create a bot for playing Lambda the Gathering (referring to Magic the Gathering). This is a strategic game (card) with elements of functional programming.
    2012 - create a bot for playing Boulder Dash. We collect diamonds (called lambdas) and dodge the stones.
    2013 - we guess the logical function according to the input and output data.

    Who will participate - I wish good luck. Who is not - be sick and watch the results.

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