Meeting with DevOps Deflope at the DevOpsConf 2018 conference

    We have been thinking for a long time how to diversify our conference and introduce an element of spontaneity into it, and then an idea came to us: it would be great to do something with the guys who have been providing us with news about DevOps for many years. These are guys from the news channel and the DevOps Deflope podcast , which in Russian speak about what is happening in Russian companies on DevOps topics.

    We decided to arrange a hybrid release of DevOps Deflope in BoF ( Birds of a Feather ) format right at the conference. This will be a meeting where we will discuss industry news and just talk with past and present leaders of DevOps Deflope.

    I discussed with Nikita Greyhounds, one of the ideologues and the first leading podcasts, this idea and this is what he told me.

    The conference DevOpsConf Russia in 2018 will meet all current and former leading podcast DevOps Deflope. Now the podcast is conducted by Andrei Alexandrov and Vitaly Khabarov , Express 42 employees, and I, Nikita Borzykh, will tell you how it all began.

    The first episode of the podcast was recorded in 2013, leading by Nikita Borzykh and Ivan Evtukhovich , co-founders of Express 42 . At that time, it was the first and only DevOps podcast in Russian. Ivan was just finishing his career leading in RubyNoName podcast and we started DevOps Deflope, initially copying the format of RubyNoName.

    The format involved a review and discussion of the news, in our case DevOps. After a while, we began to experiment with the format, invite guests, make text podcast transcripts, and more.

    In 2016, Ivan Evtukhovich left the podcast and came Konstantin Nazarov, who then worked at Parallels. After Bones arrived, we finally settled on the interview format.

    During the time our irregular podcast came out, the technology stack changed, the configuration management system maters, the container era began, flourished, the orchestrators beat and Kubernetes won :-) We put DevOps practices on alternating instruments, predicted trends and according to some data (just look on the schedule mentioning DevOps in Russia and find there the date of the podcast)contributed to the popularization of DevOps in Russia .

    At the end of 2017, Kostya and I decided that the podcast needed fresh blood and handed over the reins to Vitaly Khabarov and Andrey Alexandrov. The guys have already recorded two issues and are not going to stop!

    At BoF, we will have a little ponastalgie, the guys will tell about their plans for the podcast and we will talk about the current state of DevOps .

    Come to DevOpsConf Russia 2018 and participate in the BoF. In the comments, we expect your wishes on the topics of discussion and format, for example, you would like to listen to the live podcast from the conference. Write!

    Subscribe to the news channel DevOps Deflope, where it is convenient for you: Facebook , Vk , Twitter , Telegram . Yes, yes, he is not only in the telegraph!

    Listen to the podcast and see you on October 1 and 2!

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