Games with the server

    Among active and passive Linux users, it is customary to condemn the use of any messengers, except for jabber. However, few people know that the server hides a lot of “fun games” like reading private correspondence in conferences. The most fascinating entertainments that we managed to find are described in this article.

    Game one: find all your friends

    Unlike normal servers, everything is done for people and their convenience. For example, a simple, unprivileged user can execute the following request:

    In response, you will receive a complete list of registered members of the conference. Yours or not yours. No privacy needed.

    Yes, this is an admin request that is made to edit user lists. But the administration is extremely careful about its customers and allows them to find all their friends, even if you do not have administrative authority.

    If you are not good at programming, we present to your attention , a simple and understandable console application that can be considered as a front-end to game services, this application will make your game truly exciting, but at the same time and simple. Find all your friends and enemies, prove that they are wrong on the Internet!

    Excuse me, but this is just a jid list, is it possible to express your love through a computer interface?
    Yes! Now it is possible!
    For example, you can prove your friendship by sending about 500 friendship requests through an authorization request. Modern xmpp clients will be so happy that they will often fly out of an abundance of happiness!

    And here’s the finished toolkit, everything is open-source and free:

    May your friendship last forever!

    Game two: I want to know everything

    Perhaps the most unique function of is ... reading someone else's PM! You can not only read other people's messages, but even replace them!

    How it works:
    In the conference settings, you can specify a service (jid) for filtering messages, as a rule, this is some kind of bot that should be in the conference. Of course, if you do not have such a bot, then you can easily rent it in a large number of conferences, because everything is done for people. Well, or write yourself.

    The bot does not need admin rights, the bot just needs to be present at the conference, even if it is a visitor. The only thing he needs is to respond to specially formed IQ-requests developed on, which is a real exclusive of this service. Try it and you won’t regret it! Do you want to already?

    The official instruction in the blog:

    An experimental hole has appeared on, or rather, on, which allows filtering conference traffic by external services, commonly called bots. Conference owners will be able to independently protect their territories from the use of obscene words, too long messages and other meaningless trash!
    In the conference config now there is an option that allows you to specify the jid of the bot, which will allow traffic passing into the conference through itself. The stations of this traffic look like
    id = '1' type = 'set' to = 'jid @ bot'>

    In response, the bot should send the same station with type = result; In the body of the messagi, the bot can perform various operations on the body of the message that it considers necessary - for example, replacing the mat with asterisks, replacing the entire message with a link in the pasteboard, or even replacing the user with an error.
    Bot developers can drop by the conference and discuss this matter there.

    Good luck in the fight against youngsters.

    Of course, if you are the administrator of the conference, then you probably knew about this before and could spy on the correspondence, but what should ordinary visitors who do not have administrator authority do it and reading someone else's correspondence is horrible as hunting?

    Game three: admin for an hour

    Service is constantly fighting for the title of jabber of high culture. And in the pursuit of high culture, it is impossible to dwell on automatic systems only. Robots cannot appreciate the essence of what is happening, only a real living person can figure it out.

    I immediately warn you that if you have a small conference, up to 5 people, then this game is not for you. This game is for top conferences:

    If you are in the top, then you will find a free technical support and advanced service. A highly qualified specialist will come to your conference absolutely free of charge and help you manage your own community. It will not only ban your bots, appoint new administrators, provide third parties with access to private information, but also maintain a conversation at a high intellectual level. Example:

    (22:09:49) karp: А вообщето пох[цензурировано]…
    (22:55:30) karp: овнера?
    (22:55:42) karp: ща
    (22:55:54) karp: с норм клиента зайду
    (23:00:11) karp: of
    (23:00:13) karp: ща
    (23:00:26) karp: [цензурировано]
    (23:01:08) karp: zdrfv: все предложения на
    (23:06:15) karp: да
    (23:07:38) karp: крутой_пулемёт: круто?
    (23:09:18) karp: крутой_пулемёт: нет, говорю
    (23:09:46) karp: =)
    (23:10:33) karp: крутой_пулемёт: бро, я же не могу настолько оху[цензурировано]...
    (23:11:21) karp: zdrfv: нет. И мне пох[цензурировано]
    (23:50:51) karp: Наташечка: так
    (23:52:28) karp: Наташечка: речь не о том была, но пох[цензурировано]…
    (23:55:12) karp: Он сейчас в админах?
    (23:55:29) karp: нет. [цензурировано]ле истерить?
    (23:56:20) karp: [цензурировано]уя он не делал за две минуты…
    (23:56:51) karp: ггг
    (23:57:07) karp: Да мне же по[цензурировано]
    (23:57:32) karp: за вообще конфу закрою =)
    (23:58:22) karp: Му[цензурировано], бл[цензурировано]
    (23:58:57) karp: И [цензурировано]е?
    (23:59:19) karp: [цензурировано]утая дура…
    (23:59:25) karp: Ушол

    However, if you want to use this service out of turn, then write to and they will always come to your aid! And if you have been offended somewhere, unjustly (in your opinion) banned, then here you will not only be unbanned, but will also be given administrative powers, and you can easily take your soul away.

    Game Four: Learn Arabic

    This is a very old game, which over time has lost its exciting gameplay, but has not lost relevance. Earlier, if you write something in Arabic in a conference on, then an immediate kick followed. Since the administrators did not know the Unicode ranges well, the kick could be raked for some characters that have nothing to do with the Arabic language. For example, Unicode characters copied from YouTube service comments.

    Previously, the game was extremely exciting: you could take yourself an Arabic name and go to any conference. It worked best in conferences with bots, where it was just enough to write ping and most of the conference fell off. It was very beautiful and spectacular.

    Over time, the gameplay has changed. The kick was deleted and the message text was replaced with “I'm arabian pig.” This recognition could be found from many respected participants in completely different conferences. Unfortunately, the new gameplay was not appreciated and it did not last very long, as administrations threatened the courts. Since this is no longer a joke, soon the messages began to be replaced by "***", you can try it yourself.

    But even now it’s very fun to go to various conferences with an Arabic nickname and actively participate in discussions. Try it yourself!

    Game Five: Bonus

    Go to, report bugs, unavailability of the service, ask technical questions and don’t get a ban. Of course, you need to talk with official representatives, not ordinary users.

    There were other games that could pass away your leisure time. For example, a crooked sheyper who actually blocked the conference if one of the participants sent a long station. There were even people who first blocked the konf, and then asked for a ransom for the return of access. However, even now very often messages are not sent due to the limit rate, even when they come from legitimate users and are written by a living person.

    General sponsor of the games: zinid .

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