Soap: all-in-one smart home router

    Soap - a touch-screen router on Android 4.4 KitKat

    Recently, various companies are increasingly releasing smart devices that really make life easier. In addition, new and new wireless devices are appearing in our homes, which are difficult to control (at least the access of such a device to the Network).

    Wi-Fi printers, Smart TV, tablets, game consoles, not to mention PCs, tablets and smartphones. How to control all this? Recently, an interesting development has appeared, which, as far as one can judge, is quite capable of controlling access to the Network for each home (or work) device. This is a smart Soap router. This is not just a router, but a whole system for managing a smart home.

    The developers equipped the system with most of the popular wired and wireless interfaces, so the capabilities of Soap are very wide.

    Soap as a four-channel 802.11ac router

    One of the main functions of the device is a router. The system is four-channel, with two 2.4 GHz spectrum channels and two 5 GHz channels. Thanks to this approach, the router provides access to a wireless network at speeds up to 2GB / s.

    The system has built-in protection against viruses / malware, so, according to the developers, there is no need to install anti-virus software on home / work systems separately. There are also parental controls. If necessary, you can remotely disconnect any of the devices connected to the wireless home network (for example, the tablet of a child who should do his homework now, and not watch the next series of “Fixics” on the Web)

    According to the developers, the system allows you to work with almost any wireless device, with any of the presented communication modules: Z wave, Zigbee, WiFi, Insteon, X10, 433 mhz, Audio, IR, BLE and some others. As far as you can understand, the device can even control garage doors, opening and closing them as directed by the owner.

    The device is controlled from a single Soap Automation software package compatible with the Apple Home Kit.


    • Android OS as a software platform;
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Gigabit WiFi
    • 2 WiFi modules: dual-channel 802.11AC and dual-channel 802.11N chipsets;
    • Quad-core Freescale IMX6 processor;
    • 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and 32 GB of internal memory (if desired, you can install a 128 GB SSD);
    • The first Bluetooth router: the system provides the same capabilities to work with Bluetooth as with WiFi;
    • Soap Mesh - Several Soap devices can form a cluster, amplifying the signal and increasing the radius. In addition, such a system forms a single array of data storage;

    • USB 3.0, USB 2.0, SATAII, mPCIe, RJ45, HDMI ports;
    • Compatible with Z wave, Zigbee, WiFi, Insteon, X10, 433 mhz, Audio, IR, BLE protocols.
    • 7 or 8.4 - inch touch screen (model dependent).

    As mentioned above, the developers presented several models of their device at once:

    The system is controlled using the touch screen of the “router” itself. In addition, mobile applications for iOS7, iOS8 and Android are currently being developed.

    Configuration of various Soap models

    Price and order

    System deliveries will begin no earlier than February next year. The price of various models, subject to pre-order from the developer , starts at $ 140. Other models are available at prices of 220, 300, 325 and 400 dollars, respectively. In Russia, you can leave an order for notification of receipt of goods here .

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