NSA employees also have fun at work

    Edward Snowden said he saw "numerous cases" of how NSA employees transmit to each other nude photos accidentally intercepted during a daily routine to monitor network traffic.

    In a 17-minute interview with The Guardian, which aired yesterday, Snowden addressed various topics. His words about the transfer of photographs are confirmed from other sources.

    Last year, the NSA conducted an internal audit , which revealed cases of abuse of employment. Several NSA officers admitted to following their ex-girlfriends for their personal interests.

    “Young men aged 18-22 are working in the ranks,” Snowden explains. - Suddenly they are sent to an extraordinary position of responsibility, where they have access to your private records. During the working day, they come across something completely unrelated to their work in any sense. For example, intimate photos of a girl in a sexy pose. But the photos are extremely attractive. So what should they do? They turn around in an armchair and show to a colleague. He says: “Wow, that's cool. Send Bill a look. ” And then Bill sends it to George, and George sends it to Tom. And sooner or later, all these people met the secrets of the girl. This is never reported in reports. No one even knows about it, because the audit of those systems is carried out very poorly. The fact is that your private photos, private videos, records of intimate moments are pulled out of the flow of communication and transferred to the government without any special authorization and without any special need, in violation of your rights. Why is this in a state database? ”

    Snowden confirmed that he had seen this many times. Different employees face this more often, less often, depending on the job. “This is considered an added benefit of working in the tracking department,” he said.

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