How did we get the certificate and declaration for our books

    I did not think that I would have to describe this process, which I also had to face. I'm talking about certification of books and other "official" papers. As already clear from all my past posts, the difficulties only puzzle me. But this does not apply to paperwork - I have a chronic allergy to it.

    The first talk about certificates came when we started to wonder
    "And how to get on the shelves of bookstores?"
    , namely: at the very beginning of the journey, a year ago. A little googling, we found out that we need a Declaration of Conformity and a voluntary Certificate of Conformity. I will not even emphasize that the word "voluntary" in this context is clearly used for other purposes. Everyone with whom we contacted on the topic of delivering books to stores insisted on the need for both papers. Well, if necessary, it is necessary.

    We move on. Without too much trouble, we managed to find a Federal State Institution
    " Scientific Center of Children Health"Of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. This state body holds in its hands the certification of children's products - not just books. And in order to get a desired piece of paper, you must first meet certain product requirements and, secondly, pay a fee. This, I repeat , the official path that we tried to go back in 2013.

    They offered to receive face-to-face consultation of a specialist. They put up an official bill for themselves (if I'm not mistaken, it was something in the region of 2-3 thousand rubles) and the technical expert chewed for an hour what our book should be like. They, experts, still know better. Our artist, Ksenia, was at this meeting, heeded everything, rearranged everything, showed me the result. Perhaps the FSBI “NTsZD” RAMS would have liked the result, but to me categorically not. It’s just that the book has become completely different: fonts of such-and-such size, such-and-such color, ball-blah blah, etc.

    I went to the bookstore and bought there all books of a similar subject. And what do you think? Almost all are made up clearly not according to the requirements that are presented to us. And almost all have at least a couple of “malicious” violations. But at the same time they are on the shelves and they can be purchased for money.


    And I decided to be guided only by my own feelings and decide for myself what the book " Simple Science " will look like . And by that time, I had already begun to suspect that bookstores were not our way.

    What else is strange about this is this: first you print the circulation (information about it is indicated in the output of the book) and you bring a copy from this circulation for examination. And there are no guarantees that the book, like the entire circulation, will receive certification. That is, with a light stroke of the pen you cross out not only the book brought, but also the entire printed batch. Why is it impossible to submit for certification a mock-up or at least one book printed in a single copy? It is impossible, officials answered us. Here is an explanation.

    Of course, I exaggerate a lot, of course, we are not the first to do this - and we are not the last. Somehow these papers get. There must be some other way? And he is. But first, I will describe in detail the “correct” path.

    The right way

    Certification includes two stages: the collection and preparation of documents and ... the collection and preparation of documents.

    The first stage is the testing of publishing products for compliance with the requirements of TR CU 007/2011.

    The second stage is the preparation and registration of a declaration of conformity with the certification body.

    After the tests, the representative of RAMS transmits the test reports of book editions, the phone number and e-mail address to PROFI-CERTIFICATE LLC to a specific person (name and representative of RAMS and LLC are indicated in information letters). The further procedure is as follows: one of the parties prepares a contract, an application for registration of the Declaration and an invoice for payment and sends it to the Customer by e-mail. The customer signs the documents, pays the bill and reports the payment.

    After that, the Declaration of Conformity is sent to the Customer by e-mail. The declaration must be signed and certified by the publisher's seal. Within two days after receiving the Declaration (no later than!), It is necessary to bring signed documents (contract and application) to PROFI-CERTIFICATE LLC and a copy of the certified Declaration and receive an invoice.


    Perhaps the most interesting thing in this whole story is the requirements themselves. What are they and where to find them? There is a normative document “Technical Regulation of the Customs Union No. 007/2011 on the safety of products intended for children and adolescents”. The document can be studied here . We are only interested in Article No. 8 . Safety requirements for publishing (book and magazine) products, school and writing supplies. If you want your book to be certified, it must meet all the requirements prescribed in this article. Without exception.

    Another way

    Then, a year ago, I stopped the certification phase of our book. But recently we did hit the shelves of some bookstores in Moscow (Biblio-Globus, Moscow, etc.), and sent copies to Ozone. But before that, we still needed a Certificate and a Declaration of Conformity. This is how we made them very quickly.

    It turned out that a huge number of various private companies are engaged in certification. They all have permissions and their exits to technical experts. The undoubted advantage of this path: saving nerves, time and effort. The certificate and declaration are made to you in a few days. Here we even found out that the documents have a limited validity period. And what can we choose. For example, the Declaration can be for a period of 1 year, 3 years and 5 years (we have chosen the last option). But the Certificate - a maximum of only 3 years (which we chose). The validity period, of course, affects the cost of producing such a document. Price, by the way, is the only minus of this workaround. But to pay, I recall, it was necessary and RAMS.

    The certificate and declaration cost us 17 thousand rubles, including VAT and taking into account a discount of 2000 rubles. But how much time and energy we lost in communicating with RAMS and what was the result of communicating with them! In a word, we did not regret at all that we had gone around.

    These are the pieces of paper, and here they are in high resolution: The


    good news is that the certificate and declaration are issued immediately to a series of books. And here is the paradox - I can make up and print all subsequent books from this series as I please with the violation of all written and unwritten laws. Then I can go to the shops, show them a certificate - and voila!

    We recently released the third book , which, like the first two, has a similar design. Here we did not break the rules;)

    In addition, together with the second book, we released our first set . We have not thought about its certification yet, but if we still decide, I will describe this process too.

    Well, taking this opportunity, I invite you to shop at a small online store in which there are only three of our books and one set.


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